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I'm looking for some advice. I am going through different reasons as to why I miscarried and why this is the furthest I have gotten in 4 years.

I have been looking at ways to improve the quality of my eggs and have read some zita west info and a 90 days to natural fertility site. Does anyone have any experience of this. Both methods suggest supplements, vitamins and diet can help but does anyone know if they work?

After everything Prof Robert Winston has been highlighting about the profitable fertility business I resent the thought of paying hundreds to zita west for specific supplements that will have no impact. But if it can help then I'd want to try!

Has anyone tried to improve egg quality with any success?

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  • I meant to add that we had two supposedly good quality embryos fail to defrost at the start of the year and now a possible blighted ovum so wondering if our problems lie with quality. We also only managed to get one embryo from 11 collected in this cycle.

  • Hi There, My acupuncturist recommended her vitamins as she said there is a better amount in them than other brands also she said it has a certain one in it that others don't?! So I have just bought the vitamin supplement pack with the 'booster' (for an IVF cycle) I can afford it so thought sod it !!

    I have also just bought her book and found it very helpful it explains a lot and helps you deal with emotions through your journey of fertility...


  • Hello. I don't know if zita west info is any good, I had read about it when I was in a similar situation to you back in April but didn't look anymore into it. Our first round of IVF we were put on the short protocol, we had 17 eggs but only 6 suitable for fertilisation and only 2 fertilised, we had a 2 day transfer with 1 embryo and the other didn't make it to freeze. The 1 they transferred caught but turned out to be a blighted ovum. Like you I looked at how to improve egg quality, I found some articles about taking COQ10 which I was taking 200mg until egg collection, also drinking more water and there are some articles on taking baby aspirin. I was put on the long protocol the second time which gave us better results (12 eggs, 10 suitable for fertilisation, 7 fertilised so 5 day transfer which sadly didn't catch and 3 embryos made it to the freezer) so it's hard to say whether the COQ10 or baby aspirin improved the egg quality or being on the long protocol. Which protocol did they have you on? xxx

  • Our consultant put us on both on Folic acid 5mg (on prescription as it's much stronger than the folic acid you buy over the counter), vit c 500mg and vitamin E 400mg to try to improve egg and sperm quality. Hubby also starting eating more as he wasn't eating enough for the amount of physical activity he does.

    I don't know if it made any difference as we've had 2 rounds of ICSI and 2 BFNs but it is cheap. Hubby's sperm improved significantly.

    Your clinic should be able to advise you as there may be other things that are appropriate for you, eg aspirin.

  • Hi imd123 at the moment I'm taking royal jelly and folic acid ....trying reduce carbs and eating protein...snacks I eat brasilian nuts .... πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi you can also try royal jelly, omega 3, coq10, folic acid with multi vit, I take pregnacare as its all included in one capsule... I'm freezing eggs so I won't know until or if I use them. But a friend of mine recommended the above having had success with IVF - good luck!

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