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The Two Week Wait

Hi, wonder if anyone can give me some advise. I was due to have self funded ivf treatment two weeks ago but unfortunately they couldn't get to my ovary which had four folicles in. The did IUI instead. I am currently on the two week wait before I carry out a test. I have had some pain which I have been told is normal. On Thursday I noticed a brown/watery discharge. It was very slight and only occurred every now and then. It eases off and sometimes browner than others? It definitely isn't red. Is this a good sign/bad sign. I am so worried about tomorrow carrying out the test, I am so worried about the outcome. Is the discharge implant bleeding or has it just not worked. Any help or guidance would be gratefully received as I don't have anyone else to ask... Thank you. X

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Hi MedicK,

Sorry your treatment was changes last minute a few weeks ago, that must have really thrown you.

Good news is the YOU may well have workes.

If the staining is not bright red blood and is not constant then it may very well be implantation bleeding.

Wishing you the very best for your test tomorrow, please keep us posted xx

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Unfortunately Sunday didn't bring us the news we wanted and hoped for.....I am devastated.

Unfortunately, we can't do another cycle due to complications this time.

I am just trying to accept everything but finding it really hard to accept that potentially I will never be a mum :.-(. My husband is an amazing support which is great but I just feel at a loss.


I am so sorry to hear your treatment has not worked. I'm not sure what your situation is but please take some time to deal with this upset and then re-group. There may be other options you could explore?

Glad you have some good support in your hubby.

Lots of love and big hugs ❤ xx


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