Who's in the two week wait?

So whilst sat here wishing the next two weeks of my life away I thought, why do this alone? Who else is at the beginning of their two weeks wait? Let's share feelings, ideas of things to do/cook/make, what you're eating, what you're avoiding and hopefully we can eventually share photos of our positive pregnancy tests!! ❤️

I have a little diary and am keeping record of what I'm doing. I am drinking a lot of whole milk as I'm 3dp2dt and according to my clinic, whole milk helps implantation, as well as laughing!! So watching a lot of comedies. Also drinking loads of homemade smoothies (with a lot of pineapple in!). We are both talking to our two little embryos and encouraging them to implant haha! Plus I've been off alcohol for nearly 2 months!!

Today we are putting the Christmas decorations up (yes I know it's early!!) - but figured it would take our minds off of everything even if just for a few hours xx

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  • Aww! Sending you lots of positive vibes! Good luck! X

  • Fingers crossed for you! We took a few days off work and went away for a countryside mini break, and then when I got back work was so hectic I barely had time to think for the next week which was actually a blessing. The final couple of days I was a train wreck with emotions up and down. Finally we got our BFP. Now we are in the 3 week wait for the early preganacy scan which is due on 9th Dec. I am becoming used to hot chocolate and lemon & ginger tea instead of coffee and my husband is getting used to having to hangovers on my behalf (at my work Christmas party on Friday he was drinking my drinks when no one was looking!) wish you all the best xx

  • Haha my wife is having to drink my drinks for me!! My test date is 9th December!! Fingers crossed it's good news for both of us!! Xx

  • I'm on the dreaded 2ww too (test day 8th December, day after my birthday) we have the xmas decs up too :) I've been eating lots of pineapple xx

  • Aw your test date is the day before mine!! This wait is awful isn't it. I've done it three times before and it never gets any easier, is this your first time? Xx

  • Third time IVF but only second time we got to this stage. I hate waiting lol you sit here wondering about everything that could go wrong don't you? My husband keeps sort of talking to them saying like 'c'mon attach guys' whereas this time I'm sort of like distancing myself, trying not to think about it. You always dear repeats of last time don't you? Or not even getting to that stage. I must admit I feel pretty negative this time round 😅 I am nice an relaxed though, as much as I can be so I hope that's what counts? Negativity is a defence mechanism I think xxx

    That's so cool cycle buddies :) I hope you get your positive. Ive got everything crossed for you :D do you feel good about this time or are you quite negative too? Xx

  • Aw bless your husband!! We are talking to ours too, all you can do is stay positive and just have hope. I feel positive as I've been getting loads of cramps which have now turned into pulling/tugging pains specifically on the right, very low down. It feels almost bruised which I'm hoping is a good sign. I had a couple of days where I got over the bruised feeling from egg collection and now it's back but in a totally different place! So not really sure what to think but I'm just assuming it's a good sign - what do you think?? Xx

  • Definitely a good sign! That's what I got last time I got a BFP so definitely a reason to be positive :D fingers crossed xx

  • What did it feel like? Xx

  • Like mild achey/tugging in the place where you feel period pains. Sometimes I had a few intense pulls as well a bit later on. I think feeling it is a good sign as it means they're burrowing in there good. At least that's what the nurses told me :) a little light spotting can be good too apparently xxx

  • Mines specifically on the left so not sure if that's a good sign. I can only hope!!! Xx

  • We're on 2ww too-test date is the 5th. Bit apprehensive this time round. This is our 4th go and our 3rd and last FET. We had a chemical pregnancy first time, bfn second time and bfp 3rd time which we miscarried in August/September. I'm finding myself analyzing every niggle but tbh the last 3 2ww I've had exactly the same symptoms it's so difficult to tell. Xx

  • So sorry to hear that :( fingers crossed that this time things work out for you xxx

  • Thanks, same goes to you. It's a crazy rollercoaster of emotions. Hardest thing so far is my best friend fell pregnant 2 days after the miscarriage so it's kinda hard to think that mine would have been 2months older than hers. I am kinda pinning all my hopes onto this cycle but you just never know with all of this. Going to try and do something fun today- no idea as to what that is so far, lol! Xx

  • BabyD I am going crazy here lol. I keep googling everything and just am thinking this last week I'll drag. I hate the not knowing and just want to know one way or another if it's ok!! My cramps have stopped and yeatrtday I got some period pains and that stopped to. Just don't know what to think anymore. :(

  • I know it's such an awful 2 weeks!! I've got a punching/tugging pain that feels tender like a bruise. It's very low down (just above pubic bone) on my left hand side. I said right the other day but I meant my left haha it's a very odd pain! Have you had anything like this? Xx

  • My lower back keeps really hurting- prob the progesterone but man it's painful!!! How's everyone else doing? X

  • I have pretty persistent cramping very very low down (just above pubic bone) - sometimes it's stronger than other times but never more than a 5/10. Oh and my dog doesn't like me anymore!! Xx

  • ive been having kind of niggly feelings as oppose to cramps-like a pull I suppose and have waves of feeling sick and so so tired. The postman even said are you ok- I said yes I'm fine and he said you look really tired- great I thought ha ha! That's strange about your dog- do you think it might be the different smell of everything maybe? Mines been quite cuddly but no change there really, lol! Xx

  • Bit worried that it maybe over already. Test day is Monday. I've had spotting since Wednesday when I wipe after going to the loo-soz for tmi! It was extremely light weds,thurs,fri but today there has been a little more. Feeling gutted at the moment but trying to remain optimistic but I don't know at the moment xx

  • Oh im so sorry, I really hope it's not over for you. Bleeding can happen due to lack of progestorone after IVF (that's what I've heard) - I have everything crossed for you xx

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