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Bleeding on day 8 in the two week wait. Ivf


I started bleeding on day 5 as I wiped but now I'm day 8 on the two week wait but now it's coming on my pad it's not as much as my perked would be. I test on Friday.. think it's a failed cycle! Has anyone else had this. Thank you xx

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Don't give up hope yet, I've read many a story where women bleed and go on to have healthy pregnancies. Hang in there x

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Thank you x

I did have bleeding on both of my previous cycles at 7dp8dt. Sadly for me it was a period, however I have heard stories that have had a positive outcome so keep going with the meds until test day! Fingers crossed for you!xx

I've had bleeding for four days now I test Friday the clinic has told me it's to early to tell to carry on with the meds till then xx

I do feel for you sweetie! Will be thinking of You!xx

Im sorry to hear this, had this on both failed cycles. On the second one the clinic said I could test a day earlier than they originally said which I was glad about as it was one day less of vaginal pessaries on a period. However, they were insistent that you can't tell until test day (even though they changed the test day). It makes the waiting for otd worse really, doesn't it?

I was trying to kid my self that it still might work, I've read a lot of people saying that they bled and it still worked,but deep down I no in my heart it ain't worked. X

I knew in my heart too, but my husband didn't accept it until test day. I hope you are ok xxx

Yeah mine keeps saying everything will be alright just wait till Friday.. at the minute think I'm just keeping a brave face on come Friday think I'll break down.. this is my first round so I no what to expect next time.. are you trying again x

Hello tumpkins hang on in there until Friday. You never know and I was bleeding a lot and was still pregnant. Apparently. Though I didn't find out properly until a few weeks later when I miscarried.

Sending you lots of luck for Friday xx

I'm so sorry.. thank you so much, I still got some hope I guess I've just gotta wait. They told me I might bleed but didn't no it was gonna be this much even tho it's still not as much as it would be with a period xx

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