Low PAPP-A Levels

Low PAPP-A Levels

Hi Old Friends and New Friends

Just a little update .I haven't been here for ages. To those of you who don't know me I fell pregnant in Feb after one round of IVF with ICSI split. Incredible lucky I know. Currently 15 weeks pregnant.

So I had the 12 weeks scan a few weeks ago and I've anxiously waiting for result to Down Syndrome test. That came back low risk thank god. However, I've now been informed my PAPP-A levels are low. No idea what that really meant but apperany it's to do with how the placenta supports and lack of blood flow which may result in a small baby which can lead to growth defect worse case still birth!I stopped googling once I'd read that!!

I'm therefore on monthly scan from 20 weeks onwards.

I would be really keen to hear if others have ever had the same or heard of this being a big issue.

So yes just because you fallll pregnant the worries never stop until that baby is in your arms!

Lots of love.💚

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  • Lovely to hear from you Buffy. Was wondering how you were getting on. Sorry to hear it's still a bumpy road... but hoping you can combat that too! x

  • Yeah I will I'm a warrior after all 😊Just so sick of being anxious but hey one foot forward and be positive I guess xx

  • You can do this x

  • Hey Buffy, lovely to see an update from you! I've no idea about the PAPP-A levels but I just wanted to wish you all the best!! I guess it's nothing massively urgent if they are not doing anything right now and additional monitoring is a good thing xoxo

  • Hiya ❤Yeah I don't think I need to worry too much but when nasty Google says things like still birth you go into panic mode! I do think they over test in some instances.

    Hopefully all is progressing well with you and the girls xx

  • So far so good over here, anxiously waiting for the 20 week scan, it's the longest wait ever! I'll get a growth scan every four weeks after that too. I started reading about all the risks with twin pregnancy and had to shut off. Honestly things can go wrong at any stage with any pregnancy, and you never stop worrying after the birth either, so the only thing to do is to take things one step at the time. Big hug xoxo

  • Hey Buffy, good to hear from u. Sorry to hear uv had that worry but good to know they will be keeping close eye on you.u take care xxx

  • Hey Buffy21. Sorry to hear that you are having the added stress of having this result! What a stressful time for you both. I can't offer you any advice but wishing you the best! Sound like your hospital is keeping a close eye on you which is the main thing!!xx

  • Hi Buffy21. Well so far your scan looks good to me. We tend to look for Downs with low PAPP-A readings, and your Downs test has come back OK, which is fabulous news. I can assure you, that you will be monitored very carefully during your pregnancy, which is good. From experience most of my PAPP-A babies have been born a bit prematurely, so trust your specialist, they want all to be well for you too. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. It's good to get your advise. I really don't want a premature baby. My first pregnancy 12 years ago I went 11 days over so this seems out of character. I've emailed the private clinic where we had IVF to hear what the consultant got to say.


  • Hi Buffy21. Of course you don't, and you will monitored carefully to try and avoid this. Hope your consultant has encouraging news for you. Thinking of you, of course.Diane

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