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Low PAPP-A & low B-HCG, success stories? 🍀


We’re torturously waiting for Harmony results after being flagged as high risk for Edwards and Patau last Monday. Very hard to stay away from Google until we get “the call” on Wednesday/ Thursday next week!

I was flagged as high risk due to my bloods: PAPP-A 0.2 MOM, B-hcg 0.32 MOM.... I know that low PAPP-A is associated with various complications (Fetal growth restriction, spontaneous abortion, preterm birth, pre-eclampsia etc) so I’m looking for success stories, where ladies have made it through, with a clear trisomy result and without severe complications, with levels this low.

Why can’t my body just have a happy healthy pregnancy, like a normal woman?!

I’m just over 14 weeks pregnant now & my hair started malting this morning (it hasn’t budged off my head since I’ve been pregnant). I was holding out until we get our results, but I’m even more worried this morning, that my inaction (or maybe even my excessive worrying) is going to harm our unborn bouncing baby.

Massively in need of a hug and some reassurance right now! I’ve kept this a secret from my mum because I don’t want her to worry... I’m 37 and yet I would love nothing more than a hug from my mum right now 😂

Sending hugs and hope to everyone here, wherever you are on your fertility journey xx

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I can’t even imagine how hard and worrying this is for you.. I have no real advice as I’ve not got that far in a pregnancy but all’s I can say is stay strong and I really hope everything works out ok on Wednesday/Thursday when you get the call.

I think it is very natural to worry throughout pregnancy, even more so when it’s taken so many hurdles to get this far.. I know what it’s like to not burden loved ones with your worries as I am a totally closed book but I think this situation it maybe good for you to share it with your Mum as it may help you deal with it, plus, you’ll get the big hug your really needing right now and plenty more I would imagine.

Whatever you decide, I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way.. Big love xxx

Wishfully in reply to Jenjen84

Thank you Jenjen84 xx

I’m a midwife and have seen lots of women give birth at term to healthy babies with these hormones levels. Fingers crossed for you

Wishfully in reply to Sam1887

Thank you Sam x

Sending you the biggest hug and wishing you lots of luck. Try and stay distracted no point in saying don’t worry because you will. Xxxxx

Thank you xx Trying not to worry is just the hardest thing at every stage, isn’t it?

Please tell your Mum and receive the hug you deserve I can tell you your Mum would be heartbroken that you have all this worry on your own once you tel her the load will be lighter sending a virtual hug but you need the real one you are still her baby girl no matter what your age xx

Wishfully in reply to Autumnmoon

Never too old for reassurance from Mum 😂 Thanks so much for your reply, I’ve been having an emotional few days! X

Autumnmoon in reply to Wishfully

I'm not surprised bless you ! Sending every hope that you get good news take care x

Hi how did everything go with the low levels?

Wishfully in reply to Cw1988

All was good & healthy baby boy was born last December xx

Cw1988 in reply to Wishfully

So happy for you! Your story has gave me some hope at last. I get my cvs results tomorrow and have low Papp a 0.18, hcg 0.32 and 1:74 risk of Edwards and the waiting is horrendous along with dr google! X

Wishfully in reply to Cw1988

So horribly stressful. It was the hardest wait of my life, my heart goes out to you, it honestly does! Forget google right now. Go away, Dr Google!

Your levels are practically identical to mine and all was completely ok for me. A whole lot of stress but a perfect and giggly baby, who I am utterly besotted with ☺️

Keeping everything crossed for you xxx

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