To test or not to test..... 2 days early!?

This has seriously been the longest 2 weeks of my life. I am over anylising every little symptom I have; cramps, sore boobs, strange lower back pain, fleeting nausea. Last night I even tried to convince myself my sense of smell has changed when I was dishing up tea!

My husband is literally stalking me everytime I go to the toilet. "Any spotting?" "Any abnormal discharge?". We have both gone google crazy over the last couple of days and are finding it hard to get a good night sleep with so much on our minds. I just want to put us out of our misery.

The test date the clinic gave us is Friday, the HCA there said that a day early wouldn't hurt. I was thinking of just doing it tomorrow morning, Wednesday. Does anyone think this is too early to get a real result?

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  • EC was Tues 25th

    5 day ET Sunday 30th

  • test test test test !!!!! xxxx

  • I did mine 2 days early and had a BFP. Go for it what's the harm! 😏 xx

  • Mine was negative the night before so I very reluctantly tested early the morning after and it was positive.

  • Ahh mixed reviews, I've kind of convinced myself I'm going to do it now. I can always retest I guess. Thanks ladies x

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