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To test or not to test?

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I had FET last friday 30.11 Hospital gave me a test home to use next Friday 14.12 that's 14 days post transfer with a 5 day blasto. The wait is killing me, I have no idea if it has worked this time round or not. From reading posts on here I feel like lots of people seem to test early? What do peole think? Am I likely to get a truthful result if I tested soon? If I was to buy a test what would everyone recommend?

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I got my BFP at 10dp5dt on a supermarket own brand test. If you're going to test early I would say avoid a blue dye test (clear blue) and get a pink dye one, FRER are the most sensitive. The only drawback to testing early is that you may see a positive that goes on to fade if it's a chemical. Personally, I'm glad I tested early! Would rather have known that implantation had taken place even if it was a chemical. Only you can decide what is right for you, good luck!! x

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Thanks! 😊

My transfer was on 8/12 -and my otd 14/12

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Sorry otd 17/12

I agree with Kitcat, I’d rather know that implantation took place, even if it ended up in a chemical.

I had 2 BFNs in the past, and was about to be diagnosed with repeated implantation failure, so seeing a BFP, even if short lived was very important to me.

Some ladies think differently and after a chemical they claim they’d rather never seen that BFP in the first place.

I think you should analyse what’s important to you xx

If today is 10dp5dt it’s not that early anyway, lots of clinic set OTDs on 11dp5dt.

If you test use a FRER and try to use your first urine of the morning

Good luck xxx

It is so difficult as the wait is unbearable. I had my transfer on 6th December and my otd is 17th December. My clinic do not advise any testing prior to this and they do a blood test as home tests can give you a false negative. However if you are going to test early and completely understand why you would want to it seems FRER is the best one to use. Good luck whatever you decide to do xx

Personally I waited and just tried to keep busy. I couldn’t bear the thought of a possibly false result. My clinic’s otd for fet is 13dp5dt and my friend’s line wasn’t that dark even that day, so she had to test again the next day (baby born safely 9 months later). I got my husband to hide the test so I couldn’t test early. However I did buy extra tests so I could do two on my otd and then a digital a few days later as well.


Ive followed with the instructions what is happening to embryo after transfer, and since I knew that from 6dp5dt the HCG hormone is secretly realised I’ve started testing. Here is more infore here

This seemed to be working well to me on all positive cycles xx

Like the other ladies have said, it’s a very personal decision. At 10dp5dt then there is every chance that you will have a positive if it’s going to be a positive (though you do get a few stories of late implantation and lines not showing until later). In normal cycle terms, you’re 1 day past your AF due date. Most tests will be fine at this point to use, but FRER are the most sensitive. Personally, at this stage I went for a digital test because I just wanted a yes or no and not the agony of whether or not the line was dark enough. All 3 BFPs I’ve had were showing on a digital at 9dp5dt so i think it’s late enough on to use those.

As Kitcat12 and others have said, I think at this stage you have a bigger risk of a chemical pregnancy than the line not showing up at all. The question is whether you would want to know if it was a chemical or not? My second BFP was a chemical. I got a positive test 9dp5dt then a negative one 11dp5dt. Other ladies have had chemicals even later than this (I can’t remember if it’s 5 or 6 weeks when it stops being classed as a chemical). It was very upsetting when it happened and did make my mind go into overdrive thinking that there was some issue that hadn’t been picked up on that had caused it. For me, it made me even more determined to know whether subsequent cycles were also chemicals in case there was a pattern emerging and it was a sign of an underlying issue (I got a BFP 2 transfers later which has stuck so looks like not and it was just one of those things). But I know plenty of ladies don’t want to know if it’s a chemical because the emotional rollercoaster is worse than a straight BFN and they just want to avoid that. So totally up to you. Good luck, whatever your decision!

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