Could number 2 happen?


It is almost a year since our icsi baby was born and he is amazing! We were so Lucky to catch first time after struggling with unexplained infertility. I always thought if I had a baby that would satisfy my mothering desire but now i am overwhelmed with the want to have number 2! We have been trying for the last 5 months naturally with no luck. I went to the doctor to ask if there was anything else I could do or anything the NHS could prescribe to help but she said that she would have to look into it as I had basically used my NHS funding with number 1.

Are any of you in the same situation. I feel a bit guilty wanting number two when 2 of my close friends are struggling to get pregnant with number one but I can't seem to push the feelings aside!

Also has anyone managed to get pregnant naturally after having icsi for 1st? We would be willing to pay but can only really afford one shot 😕

Thanks for reading ladies and I wish you all luck xxx

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  • Hi

    Congratations on the birth of your son

    We also have a 1 year old son from out first round of icsi i didnt really want anymore after such a traumatic birth experience but over time i have come to realise that i would like another one and we are going through another round of icsi at present

    We used our last frozen embryo last october but unfortunately that didnt work xx

  • Fingers crossed for you this time. What stage are you at? We didn't have any frozen left so it would have to be a fresh cycle. I just don't know how long to try on our own for before we go through it again.. x

  • Thank you im on day 7 of menopur i have a scan tomorrow morning,fri morning and then if all well my egg collection is the 15th. We were told our chances of conceiving on our own very very slim, i have polycystic ovaries and my partner has a low count so icsi is our only option again

    We did discuss having a double transfer depending on how many we get as our frozen cycle failed and that was a good quality embryo but were gonna discuss that when we get to that stage this is our last go and want to give it our all and we are paying this time round as our first was nhs funded xx

  • Wishing you all the very very best Ro5ie

  • Thank you congratulations to you hope the pregnancy is going well and your wife is resting Xx

  • Thanks Ro5ie, your post was very encouraging,wife is doing well.... just need our 20 week Scan to come quickly lol, although I'm sure all is well

  • Many congrats with your first.... we're not in that position just yet but the wife is currently 17 weeks pregnant, we are at the stage of researching for items,prays, cuts etc etc, but I thank you fur your post and wish you all the very best... we can't wait to have amour huddle of joy with us, fingers cross, everything continues to go well for us.

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