2WW - Bloating & Cramping


Just wondering if anyone else has really sore stomach pains (waking during the night) and terrible bloating during 2ww? I got 5dt last Tuesday and had the pain from friday onwards. Im due test tomorrow. Called unit and they advised that if I have symptoms and positive test then call back but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I've ended up taking sneaky test today apparently BFP but I'm too scared to even be happy and think its real....

Did anyone go and get a blood test from docs to confirm pregnancy or go with the pregnancy test results?

Sorry babbling here just don't have anyone else who's been through this.

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Kelz - You're not babbling at all :) the tummy pain and bloating sounds very familiar! It's not very pleasant but it's definitely worth it if you've got a positive result! I felt the same on my test day when I had a BFP, I was too scared to believe it and my clinic didn't do a HCG test so I went to my GP for one. I know it is so so hard but please try to stay as relaxed as you can. The truth is, at this stage, there is nothing we can do to change the outcome, what will be will be and hopefully everything is going to be just perfect for you from here on. Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow x x x

  • I suffered from lots of bloating, still am! Are you a fresh cycle? Positive results are difficult to believe, I had bloods tests at the clinic but I also bought the clear blue dating tests to check the number of weeks kept increasing until 5 weeks! Pretty sure your gp will do you a few repeat tests to check rising levels though x

  • Hi kelz02. Just sounds like your ovaries are still a bit active. Try drinking some extra water and taking some paracetamol for any pain if needed. Rest when you can, and hopefully it should soon settle down. Hope all works out OK for you. Diane

  • Thanks everyone. Still getting cramping but still BPF so will see how I get on at 8 week scan... exciting and scary at the same time. Xx

  • I'm 8dp5dt I ding test Till Sunday few wee cramps in my tummy now and then I have full cramp from top of my right hip down my bum and into my leg don't know if that's anything to do with treatment or not hopin it all is and I get good news trying g hard to resist the erge to test early xo

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