Dizziness and racing heart in 2ww

Just after some advice if poss please xx

I'm 6dp5dt and last night felt so dizzy and sick lying in bed which didn't go away for an hour until I fell asleep. This morn was ok but then felt dizzy again about 1pm for a few hours. My heart was racing and I took my pulse (on an app thing on my phone) which was 122bpm. I rang my clinic who said it wasn't a symptom of IVF drugs/treatment and to go to the docs. I was sat in the waiting room and there was a baby clinic going on... so naturally I burst into tears and couldn't stop... so Embarrassing but my hormones were everywhere. Had an ECG by which time my heart rate had calmed down. The doc said it could be anxiety linked.

Has anyone else experienced a racing heart or dizziness during 2ww? I've had a racing heart on and off for the last week or so.

Thanks ladies xxx

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  • Oh you poor thing, it sounds like you had a horrible day. I didn't have the racing heart (although I have had it in the past due to anxiety and you are under a lot of stress), but I did have dizzy spells during my 2ww. One day I felt like I was drunk and had to walk slowly and hold onto things!! This was the only sign during my 2ww that things were working and a friend of mine who has had three children with IVF said she knew it was working when she got dizzy! Fingers crossed this is a good sign πŸ˜ƒ. As for your heart, maybe try some meditation or relaxation apps and see if that helps. Good luck xxx

  • Thanks lovely. Trying not to get my hopes up as I know it could be anything xxx

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Aw that must of been scary. I didn't have a racing heart but did have a few dizzy spells which I think was linked to my blood pressure as it tends to be on the low side. After my 2nd cycle and all that went with it I did get palpitations but again think it was to do with blood pressure, change in hormones and stress.

    Not long left to wait. Good Luck xxx

  • Thanks Button. Xxx

  • Hi Kat, I'm sorry you're not feeling great. I had the same in my 2ww and sadly ever since. It stops me from sleeping too and I've been crying every morning thinking something is wrong. I'm hoping it will pass, I really hope it does for you, this whole process is hard enough without our brains playing tricks on us. Hope you're feeling better soon x x x

  • Thanks lovely. How are you feeling in yourself? Xxx

  • Physically fine but I'm an emotional wreck! My poor husband πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ How long until OTD my love? x x x

  • Awww poor you. My hub can sympathise with yours πŸ˜‰ OTD is Thursday 12dp5dt (5 sleeps) xxx

  • Hi Kat9lives. Sorry to hear all this. Make sure you are drinking plenty, and if it persists, pop and see your GP just in case you might be a bit anaemic. Thinking of you. Diane

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