Massive down day :(

hiya everyone

hope your all ok, does anyone else have anit of a down day/evening, where your frantically search google for ways to help fall pregnant and go on a general mad one lol? we have our appointment on the 23rd of may 16 month TTC and hoping we can get referred for IVF as we have had all our tests back and im fine but my partners count is really low the doctors have advised us that chances are good and IVF is much simpler when its the man with the isse but I don't know how true that is? has any ladies on here been through IVF with male infertility?

thank you, I suppose im just looking for some inspo and success stories to keep my mind positive before our apt!


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  • Im unable to give you a success story just yet... but I have to tell you that you aren't alone with google. I've searched google more times than my husbands pockets for loose change before washing his trousers. And that's a lot!

    I bought myself I book... see this post:

    Good luck and don't be afraid to ask here too x

  • thank you for responding emu2016, I would hate to see what it would look like if we could print a google search report lol! haha that's funny, thank you ill take a look xx

  • I know exactly what you mean, 5 years ttc and I still constantly search google in hope there's information I've missed!

    I can't give you a success story either yet but I just wanted to reply so you know there's always people on here to talk to x

  • thank you, yes im still looking for those special vitamins or something! thank you, means a lot! xxx

  • I know what you mean, if you find them let me know! Haha

    I think it's so hard when your in the 'keep trying' stage but hopefully once you've got your referral everything will feel likes it moving quicker, at least it did for me xx

  • Hi Ive had 2 ivf cycles with my fiancée having low morphology & motility but his count was normal & on our most recent cycle found out we are pregnant! We are nearly 6 weeks gone and have our first scan next Friday to check all is progressing as it should do so keep believing it can happen! I googled everything and I still do even now ha ha xx

  • oh wow how amazing! congratulations!!

    what did your partner do to improve his count or was it just luck of the draw as they say ! xx

  • To begin with he started taking wellman conception vitamins to make sure he was getting all the right supplements he needed but we ended up having ivf with Icsi whereby the embryologist picks the best sperm and fertilises the egg directly which I think is the usual protocol for male issues xx

  • yes my partner has been taking wellman vitamins since our last appointment in January they told us to try that for 5 months to see if it help him, hes just done another seaman test but we don't get the results until our appointment on the 23rd may, fingers crossed its improved slightly and they can start the process of something other than "keep trying" lol xxx

  • Fingers crossed they get moving as the waiting is the worst you just want it all done there and then ha ha keep us all updated as to how your getting on ️xx

  • thank you so much xxx

  • Hi can't give any advice on success stories but definitely know about having down days infact having one today. This site really helps me, I'm sure there will be many inspiring stories and great advice. Our fertility issues are mainly me but hubby does also have lower than average sperm motility but our clinic are great and advised us on icsi and did get many top quality fertilised embryos. I'm sure they will discuss all options to you in full. Good luck on your journey. Xx ❤

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