Probably a silly question but need clarification please x

Hi guys! So I'm a pet sitter and one of my regular customers needs me to look after his cats for a week-I spend an hour or so with them twice a day,feed & clean litter trays.I will be in my 2ww if all goes to plan so cleaning the litter tray is worrying me but surely there must be pregnant women who have cats?!?! Is there a 'safe' way to deal with this? I can't let my customer down. x

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  • I am sure if you use hygienic procedures (gloves, apron, hand washing etc) as I am sure you do anyway it would be fine and if it's heavy do it in stages rather than in one go xxx

  • Thanks Hun, It's never heavy stuff so thats ok but yes I figured gloves may be the way to go and maybe not breathing in while I'm clearing 😩😂

    How r u doing? Xxx

  • I think it's fine as long as you use gloves hun, like button said good hygiene procedures will keep you safe xxx

  • Thanks Hun,I've got a load of plastic gloves at home as I guess I'll have to do the same with dog poop as I am looking after dogs in my 2ww-I didn't last time but figured this time might as well just get on with things-right diet, exercise and rest didn't work for me last time so I'm doing complete opposite this time lol!!

    How u feeling? Xxx

  • I'm doing ok really, bit of a meltdown yesterday but I felt a lot better after a good cry! I have my follow up on 23rd may so going to try and focus on that for now and then get myself fit and well to try again in a few months xxx

  • U are bound to have off moments and days right now & I think u almost need it so u can let it all out.good that u already have follow up date so u have a focus x

  • Yeah I think last time I tried to just move on too quick, so I ended up feeling awful a few weeks after, this time I've taken some time to just sit down, relax and feel what I'm feeling if you get me. I'll be back to myself in no time xxx


    Nhs advice says about using hot water to clean the tray every day as well.

  • Thanks Luckily they never want me to do a full tray clean out just clean out wee lumps and poo and top up -they r only away for max 6 days at a time x

  • Perhaps use gloves when you clean the trays? x

  • If you use gloves and a scoop and wash your hands regularly you should be fine. It is also best to scoop up the poop rather than leave it for a while as the toxoplasmosis parasite is only active after a gestation period.

  • I'm cleaning it morning & evening so hopefully won't gestate to long x

  • That will be definitely fine! :)

  • If they're indoor cats, there's baaically no chance of toxoplasmosis at all - they get it from raw meat, so wee animals in the wild etc So as long as you aren't feeding them raw meat! xx

  • Ah that's great news thank u. I think one of them is allowed out but I've never seen him go out so they r pretty much indoor cats. And they are on sachet food & biscuits!! I will b very careful with the hygiene xxx

  • Agree with Pandash....if they're indoor cats you'll be fine but wear gloves and wash hands afterwards....I work in a vets and I know this is what the nurses do when they've been pregnant (they actually wear face masks aswell but think that's a bit unnecessary - nothing worrying can spread by aerosol from faeces/urine) x

  • Thank u Hun, I did wonder about breathing in but I thought I will just hold my breath til the waste is in the plastic bag! I m paid to play with the cats for an hour each evening-touchingvthem is ok isn't it?x

  • Yeh just wash your hands before touching your face, eating etc x

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