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Late on my period

So i received my questionnaire and blood form through the post last regarding my appointment at the fertility Clinic. I've been and had my bloods done this morning, But was due on my period on Monday, I'm therefore 4 days late!!!!!

I don't know what to do? do i leave it a little longer b4 i do a test? I don't want to build my hopes up.

What do you guys recon, advise please

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Were your blood tests ones which should have been done on a certain day of your cycle? Just checking as usually they want day 2-5 and day 21 bloods. Day 2 counts as the second day you wake up bleeding.


No, i have already had all the blood tests done only a few months ago, therefore it was just a couple of tests to be repeated. i asked if they needed to be on certain days and they told me no they didnt.

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That's good. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon.

Regarding pregnancy testing, only you can know whether getting a negative will upset you. Personally I would do it so I could know the score.


Hi sjwebb. I would think that by now you will most likely have done a pregnancy test. If not, I would do one, so you know what's going on. Thinking of you. Diane


Nature took its cause last night. Very disappointed but expected

Thank you


Hi sjwebb. Oh dear! Well, I suppose at least you know where you are now. Good luck with everything. Diane


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