Oh come on!

I have a team of over 40 people in my job. As the Director, it's often I am key to bringing the team together for events such as secret santa and other festive celebrations. The last one was Easter... and if you don't know... was also when a member of my team (who knows about my Donor Egg IVF) was handing out Easter Eggs to the team asked while looking directly at me "Does anyone not have any eggs" - Oh the horror on his face!

We don't have lots of office gatherings but today one of my team is leaving for maternity leave. As soon as I saw the balloons and the cake and the gifts I just burst in to tears. "Get a grip" I told myself. "You've seen this hundreds of times!" I repeated. I've spent years being sad on the inside that someone is having a baby while beaming with smiles on the outside. I just needed to calm down.

So I did. Until the gathering to give the cake and gift happened. This was hard work. Why is this hard work?! I can do cake and gifts. So off I tottered to the gathering. To be greeted with "Ah, you're here. The gift is there. Thanks for saying a few words about her leaving to have a baby."

ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?! My entire body had to muster a strength within which I've never had to find at work. And over 60 people are staring at me waiting for me to say something. I have no idea where I got the strength from to talk about how excited she must be to bring a "new little bundle of joy home".

I've said it before ladies and gents. We're strong. We're stronger than we think. I don't know where I'm going with this. But I don't really want to go home and say "I cried again today" and I'll be home late... I'll have no energy by then!


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  • Wow! Well done for getting through that speech. How awful for you.

  • :) xx

  • My workmate had a baby boy today.and everyone is sending congratulatory messages to her .during my last cycle another workmate had a baby boy.i feel genuinely happy for them and my only thought is someday it will be my turn .my Ec was today and i was emotional about having only 4 eggs collected .we are trully strong women .this aint an easy road

  • Congratulations on your 4 eggs! Bet you're glad that's done and now you have some days without any injections waiting for that next stage? x

  • Omg you poor thing, but WELL DONE you for finding the strength to not only deliver a speech and present but also probably make that ladies day your so kind xxx

  • Ta chuck! It was hard! Part of me kept thinking about how much I could come and rant about it here after! :) x

  • Good lord what a day for you, well done for getting through that without falling apart, not sure I would have 😳 We are nothing if not strong, I think that's the only good to come from all this c*** and heartache. If only you could have a big old drink tonight! 😩 Xx

  • OH HOW I WANT WINE! ;) I'm ready for home x

  • Hi Georgina78, reading your response I was trying to work out what the C stood for. I had a much more terrible word in mind πŸ™„ must be how I'm feeling right now! Hehe x

  • It was crap WeeMrsH! Xx

  • I did that too! x

  • πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

  • Me too! x

  • We rock ladies, that is all 😝🀘🏻 Xx

  • We do! x

  • emu2016 Trust I know that feeling. I had to plan a friend's surprise baby shower and all I could think of was how I wanted my baby so badly. How I was able to gather her friends together, the food, drinks, games and gifts without crying I don't know. Oh but the flood of tears came when she called to thank me in the evening telling me how the baby was kicking extra that day (not like she said anything mean but I slept in tears that night). So yes I know how it feels hun xxx

  • Oh me08 it's so hard. Soooooo hard!!! x

  • Well done Mrs, not an easy thing to do. I bet you something tho I bet out of those 60 folk there will be at least one other female either thinking or feeling the same as you.

    Cant believe the amount of couples having their battles with this.xx

  • God. I never thought of that! I feel awful now! me...me...me! You are sooooooo right! Could have been an woman or man! x

  • Oh dear god! Massive pat on the back to you, not only for giving a speech in front of 60 people but to be doing it in your situation must have been so hard! What a trooper you are!xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Wow. You are so much stronger than me! I couldn't have done that in a million years - respect lady! Xxx

  • I think with warning I wouldn't have! x

  • Oh my word honey you must be the strongest person I know! That's phenomenal- well done. You are awesome and don't forget it xxx

  • Awww thanks. We're all strong. You know that from today too xx

  • 😒 xx

  • Xx

  • You are an incredibly strong person! I think it happens a lot where we have to put our own feelings to the side for the sake of others. Our day will come where it will be someone else making the nice speech, and it will be so worthwhile. Stay strong xxxx

  • Glad it's the end of the day xx

  • Well done for getting through this we all know how incredibly hard this must of been for you but you've come though the other side and now you can put this day behind you. Xxx

  • At the footy. With a lime and lemonade. :/ lol x

  • Good it's best to be out and keeping yourself occupied, enjoy that lime and lemonade!! I was asked if I wanted a shot of vodka in my lime and soda yesterday πŸ˜”yes I would have loved a triple shot of vodka -probably can't handle that anyway it's been so long on the lime and soda πŸ˜’xxx

  • This calls to mind the beginning of ' 4 Weddings and a Funeral' and Hugh Grant's slightly charming expletive fest!! Honestly! Being put on the spot is bad enough, but being put on the spot for that topic takes the cake!! Well done, you definitely rock xx

  • Hahahahahaha! So right! x

  • Lots of hugs to you XX

  • Ta! xx

  • Your welcome xx

  • Wow! A massive well done for getting through what must have been a totally awful day. I hope you can spoil yourself in some way when you get home. You've more than earned it! xxx

  • I'll be spoiling myself with bed! x

  • Oh hun! That sounds awful! But you need to reward yourself for being so brave and strong. Even if no one else knows how patient and brave you were today, we all do and we are cheering your name right now! EMU! EMU! YOU are a STAR EMU!

    (please tell me your name is actually Emu, because that would be amazing!)

    I felt like this last month when I bought a baby present for a friend who just had a baby and I did not CRY once! I was like: 'Well done me!' And then I sent it off at the Post Office and cried in the street all the way home! :)

  • Well. Now I want my name to be Emu! x

  • Well done you, you are indeed stronger than you think. I started a new job in January and have literally just arrived home having gone for a meal to mark the return of 2 of the girls coming back from maternity leave. The whole meal was baby talk. And then 'do you think you'll have children?' popped up...Got my acting skills down to a fine art now! They are none the wiser. Give yourself a huge pat on the back, you've been the manager you know you are at heart supporting your colleagues even in such tough situations. 😘😘 well done for your courage and kindness xxxxx

  • Awww sarah thank you xx

  • Wow! I have huge respect for you. Just be amazed at the strength you had and found when you needed it. Your tears were totally justified xx

  • At least they're done now. :) will sleep tonight! x

  • Oh well done to you! Take a well earned rest tonight and this weekend. It is really hard to deal with things like this. I had a phone call from a mate earlier to tell me she was expecting triplets! Naturally! Of course I congratulated her but it's so frustrating to think how much all of us are just desperate for one!

  • Oh my word! What a tale to listen to! It's never hearing it but hearing she was having triplets?! Gosh. Ready for being away from work! x

  • Triplets would be really hard... imagine trying to get three babies out of a car and into a supermarket/baby group/your house. Gosh.

  • Another member of my team on maternity leave came in with her twins on Wednesday... she said can't leave the house alone with them!

  • Well done - amazing job. Must have been so difficult but you did it xx

  • Not sure how but I did! x

  • Well done for finding the strength to do that, it must have been terribly hard. Yet again, people do not think! Sending hugs to you xx

  • #rockhard ;)

  • Crying for you :(

  • I am surrounded my pregnant women this week. I'm now hoping it's a sign of success! x

  • I completely understand. I'm the same. Two friends both pregnant with their second children and I haven't even managed my first! I've been smiling and knitting away for them but it's so very hard. Another miscarriage later and I've finally been given Clomid.

    You did so well attending the party let alone giving a speech. I want to tell you how strong you are but I know sometimes we get sick of being called 'strong'. The only thing I want to be called is 'Mummy'.

    Never lose hope.

  • Wow well done you for being able to do that! Respect! X

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