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FET scan appointment 19 Feb. No turning back now :)

Got my next appointment through today, will have been in patches for 14 days.

Going and praying that my cool kids defrost well and continue fighting.

Last cycle it all went wrong in day 3 where my 15 eggs all died aside from 4 poor quality :(

I have 1a 3bs and 2cs.

I prayed and prayed for better quality eggs and have an A now I pray that he or she is the one and becomes my dream baby.

I don't have the strength to do another EC I fear I'll fall into a big black hole I'll never crawl out of.

Fingers and toes crossed, all prayers welcome :)

Good luck to everyone, baby dust to all

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Your healthy A is fabulous! I have everything crossed for you 🙏, I really hope that this is your time. Did you do anything different to get your A? Take any different meds or supplements?

Is your ET today? Good luck, thinking of you xx


Very best of luck to you. All you need is 1, everything crossed!, X

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Thanks molly x fingers crossed


Hi Losinghopefast77. Just to say I am keeping everthing crossed for you too for next Friday - good luck! Diane

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Thanks Diane x :)


Keeping everything crossed for you. Keep us posted. Xxx

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