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Exciting times ahead! 😄

Hi everyone!!

Hope you're all doing ok or at least surviving!...

As some of you may remember I completed my 1st icsi last month which resulted in a bfn grrr! Luckily I got 5 totsicles out of it yay!!

I decided to make hay whilst the sun shines and get back to it asap, and as such now have my dates to start my 1st FET.

We had a call from our embryologist yesterday to confirm we had 3 x 2d embies and 2 x 5/6d embies in the freezer. They said that the 2d's were all grade 5aa and the 5d's both 4bb. I was really gutted at my last transfer when I found out they only gave 2dt as standard as I knew these had a much lower success rate...anyway they still took some of my slow growers to 5d which is where they came from, but by then it was too late to use them as I'd already had the 2dt (makes sense so far?!)...

So the good news is they have agreed to grow my 2d frosties to 5d and so my FET will be a 5dt wahoo!! The other bit of good news is they will also consider transferring 2 x embies! So all in all it must be at least a quadruple chance of working compared to last time. I'm very happy with this and very excited!! If I hadn't already got the 5d embies I'd be worried the 2ds wouldn't grow...so all I have to hope now is that the 5ds at least survive thawing!!

My down regging starts on the 20/5 with transfer planned for 22/6...I can't wait, happy days!!!

(Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to share with folk who understand!)


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Your kind excitement is what i need right now.haha thank you for sharing .all the best with the embies.




Great news and not long to wait xx


Yay! So glad you've had positive news lovely. A nice plan in place and down regging not too far away at all! Fingers crossed & good luck xxx


Amazing news. I know how special all these positives are! Will look forward to more positivity from your journey xx


Great news! You're right, very exciting times ahead! Will be here before you know it!!xx


Congratulations, all sounds very positive xxx


Thanks guys!

I'll admit I've been on a bit of a downer the last couple of weeks...I think it's down to the frustration of af being late, the general hormonal mess that I become when af did finally arrive and the general ivf doldrums that follow a bfn...I decided not to worry too much about it and to just go with the flow as I knew it wouldn't last forever...and here I am...out the other side and feeling positive again 😁

I'm usually such a positive person so this down period took me by surprise...I even shut myself away from friends and cba to speak to anyone.

Just wanted to share that too incase anyone else finds themselves in the same boat!...it doesnt last forever!!


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