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Morning ladies,

I had my egg collection last Friday for our 3rd attempt at IVF (well in our case we are going down the ICSI route) they collected 13 eggs, which is great for me as our highest was 6!

They phoned Saturday and said 10 were mature but only 4 fertilised :( to be honest I was a bit down about this but realised thats better than none and its still our best outcome yet!

We were provisionally booked in for a 3 day transfer but they called yesterday to update us and move the transfer to a 5 day - again we've never made a 5 day transfer so mega happy!

So, our current embies are - 1 x 4 cell (not so good), 1 x 6 cell (so not bad) and 2 x 8 cells (woohoo!!) They said the fragmentation is looking good also so feeling positive as we've never had such good outcomes.

Now I am nervous about our transfer now - I know its crazy as you never know whats going to happen but I just want it to all be good news still tomorrow.

We have had such disappointment in our other rounds and sometimes it seems this is going too well for our bad luck - I know I must stop thinking like this but its hard sometimes not to worry about it all.

This has basically turned into a whole bunch of nothing but I just needed to get my thoughts out haha!

Baby dust to all xx

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I know exactly what you mean; when it’s going well you’re half expecting something to go wrong, like it’s all too good to be true! Maybe this time it will stay good and true. Good luck for transfer xx

JB1988 in reply to Tugsgirl

Ahh exactly - I am trying to be positive but worried I will be more upset if it doesnt work out - such a catch 22! Thank you for the luck xx

I saw you had 19 collected thats a great number - have you had your call yet? GL for good results xx

Tugsgirl in reply to JB1988

Yea. Just did an update. 14 were mature and 9 have fertilised normally. We had a similar number this stage on the first round so we’re quite pleased xx

JB1988 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thats great news! FC for good quality ones that keep growing xx

That all sounds wonderful hun! All the best for transfer day and lots and lots of baby dust! 😘😘😘

JB1988 in reply to Niki_B

Thank you so much - I am hoping and praying it works this time xx

Good luck for your transfer x

JB1988 in reply to LegoBatgirl

Thanks hun :) appreciated x

Hey, there. I've had four failed IVF cycles! It was a terrible time for me. But, this shouldn't be an issue. This actually looks great. My prayers are with you. Just don't lose the faith. You can do this!

JB1988 in reply to JuliaBenz

Sorry to hear you've had 4 failures its so tough I know :(

Thank you for the encouragement, it is much appreciated xx

That's great news that youre embies are doing well and heading to a 5 day transfer! Well done little embies! It is hard to be positive when you're had previous knocks in this but one step at a just never know! Good luck for transfer!xx

JB1988 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you - I know its good news and I should be delighted (well I am!) but part of me is like ahhh!

I need to banish the bad and in with the good lol :) Thank you xx

Cinderella5 in reply to JB1988

Ha ha ha easier said than done though isnt it!!xx

JB1988 in reply to Cinderella5

Definitely!! haha xx

Hey, i actually can feel your nervousness and concern. I am so glad you shared it with us. I hope we all could make you feel better. One thing you must do before your transfer that is to talk to your doctor about hormone supplements as this is needed. These supplements would help your embryo to implant and develop well after environment. And after transfer you need to take good care of yourself. And one thing that you highly need to avoid is stress. Stress can actually make things worse for you. As stress can cause hormonal imbalance. And the hormonal imbalance can effect the embryo development. So need to be relax at any cost. And emotional support is needed the most in this phase. Surround yourself with your loved ones. And it will really help you to avoid stress. And it will actually divert your mind and make you feel better and positive. Best of luck for transfer. Keep us updating. My prayers are with you.

JB1988 in reply to Annawatson

Thank you hun - you are right I need to just relax and be positive.

I have a great support group around me so I should be ok xx

Hope this trend continues for you all the very best wishes x

JB1988 in reply to Autumnmoon

Thank you - I really hope so! xx

Hey! I hope you're doing good. I really feel for you. This must be very difficult a time to get through. The anticipation surely is tough. I think you should stay as stressfree as possible. It isn't a good environment for the baby to be conceived in. IVF isn't very successful in the first few rounds, so stay hopeful. Don't let this bring you down. I wish you all the best. You're not alone. Feel free to share any more worries that you have. We're here for you. Good luck and take care!

JB1988 in reply to Leslie20

Yes, you are right I do need to not stress. I have some things planned to help keep my mind off in the 2WW so once the little embie is on board I think I will be better.

I am just anxious to see how they are developing and have we actually got a fully formed blastocyst (fingers crossed!) xx

Sounds great you’re heading for blastocyst transfer - wishing you loads of luck xxxxx

JB1988 in reply to Caza2009

I hope so!! 🤞🏼 Thank you xx

Thanks Hun x


Everything sounds promising so far. Wishing you loads of luck for transfer xx

JB1988 in reply to Hidden

Thank you, much appreciated xx

Thank you xx

Update for you we have a 4AA blastocyst back on board and the same to freeze! Over the moon!! 😊😊 xxx

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