Feeling nervous results meeting tomorrow

I'm so nervous everything is getting a bit real now after 8 months of scans and blood tests I'm finally getting my diagnosis of why I'm not getting pregnant tomorrow. I'm so scared of what they are going to say! I don't know how I'm going to get through today. I'm so eager to get through to the next stage and start doing something other than just trying and failing every month xxx

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  • Please dont be nervous, look at it as you may finally get some answers and that it's a positive step to the next stages.

    At least you should leave with a clearer idea of what your options are, and it means you can take a bit of control back over a horrible situation...good luck! xx

  • I bet you will feel much better tomorrow after you have some answers, and hopefully the start of a plan. Good luck and remember to take a pad and pen and ask lots of questions if there's anything you don't understand xx

  • please don't be nervous! think positive and if there is any problems they can be sorted! we have been trying for 16 months I have a period the same time every month and do ovulation tests and get smileys all through the month turns out its him! although the doctor suggest IVF to be a option when we went in January but he asked for us to come back in 4 months time (which is next week) after taking vitamins and see if that improves his fertility but he did reassure that IVF is much more simply when its only the man that's the issue,

    quick tip!- write down all the questions you want to know answers for as when your in that room your mind goes blank and you will kick yourself after for not asking!

    good luck for tomorrow xxxx

  • I'm wishing you luck Bec! And thinking of you. All my positive vibes are whizzing across the city straight to you! xxx

  • Knowledge is power! It may not be easy to hear the information tomorrow but you will have a starting point for a brand new journey and can begin to plan accordingly. I find looking to the future puts a bit more control in your hands and that is no bad thing 😜 Hope everything is alright and I will be thinking of you x

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