D and C tomorrow morning, feeling nervous

I am booked in for a D and C in the morning under general anaesthetic. Of course I am very very nervous about the whole thing (I've never had a general, only local) but I'm hoping that after it's all over tomorrow I can, we can, get some closure. We have opted to have the remains back so that we can find a nice spot to bury our little babba bean in our garden..

I'm assured I won't feel anything and that obviously I'll be out of it. Just looking for some reassurance from others who've had a D and C xx

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  • Aww sorry to hear this. What is a d and c? I just assumed your miscarriage would be natural. Take care thinking of of you xx

  • It's ok. It's for the best. My body will heal much quicker this way and I'll get to bury my babba. I couldn't bear to have it go down the toilet.

    It's basically surgical removal xx

  • Hi I had one last January after our 7 week miscarriage. I had general too. Didn't feel a thing and recovery was very quick. Obviously I was sad after for a long time.

    You will be fine and it's lovely your taking little one away with you. Take time to look after yourself. Eat and rest well, drink lots of water to flush your body full of goodness.

    Good luck again and take care xxxx

  • Aw tugsgirl, I've been thinking of you today. I'm glad they've managed to get you in sooner rather than later. It is a very emotional thing to go through and my thoughts are with you. At my hospital they wouldn't allow partners through to the bay which I found hard, but was on a bay sadly with 6 other women there for the same thing, but that helped as we were all in the same boat. You will be given 2 pessaries to insert which apparently loosen the muscles. It is over very quick and pretty pain free, just take some of your own pads as the hospital ones are horrible, but tbh I didn't bleed much after the day of the procedure. Are they going to do any testing for you re chromosome issues etc? Sorry if this post sounds formal just wanted to make you fully aware of the process, as I didn't have any advice when going for mine. Rest up afterwards and cry as much as you want, it's far better to let it all out than keep it bottled up. Sending you lots of love and I'll be thinking of you xx

  • We asked about the chromosome testing but they won't do it unless I've had three or more losses; I've had two (one 9 years ago). The doctor just assured us that there was only a 5% chance that it had been down to a chromosome issue and that it was just sadly one of those things with one in four pregnancies ending in miscarriage. They confirmed that this is a missed miscarriage.

    I don't have pessaries, I have tablets that will dissolve into my gums but apparently they will soften my cervix enough for the op. Don't ask me how that works? I didn't ask either.. xx

  • Ps my OH won't be allowed in with me either, that's going to be difficult for me xx

  • Glad you've got tablets as I hated the pessaries. My missed miscarriage was my 4th loss so that's prob why they tested mine. It is hard not having your partner there, they allow them into the waiting room with you, just not into the bay, but I'm sure there will be other women to talk too and that helped me. The tea and toast tasted amazing afterwards as I was starving! So so hard, but personally I think you've made the right decision xx

  • I had this procedure after we lost our little one at 8 weeks. The procedure is fine and you will feel nothing. They will probably give you some pills about am hour before just for the endometrium to soften etc.

    I am not sure if you areclassed as emergency surgery list. If this is the case be prepared that you might have to wait until the afternoon for surgery as dependant of what cases come in. Take some music and reading material on case you have a long wait.

    It is OK to feel emotional tomorrow. I did feel better afterwards with having more control of what was going on with my body.

    Take care and be kind to yourself.


  • The doctor said unless there was some emergency i.e. a burst appendix op for example, that we'll be seen on time. I'm going in for 7:30 am xx

  • Good luck hon. I know how emotional and nervous you must be feeling. Take care xxxx

  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow xxx

  • there's probably nothing I can say to provide any comfort after what you've sadly been through but I hope everything goes smoothly as it can for you. Sending hugs at this difficult time xx

  • Big hugs, I had 2 over last 2 years and all went smoothly and staff lovely... Felt very emotional and lost for some time after.. But rather have it than wait personally.. I never thought I could cope with that... So sorry you are in this position... Be thinking of you, loads of love xxx

  • That's how I feel too xx

  • Good luck tomorrow, my thoughts are with you xxx

  • I'm sorry tugsgirl, this must be just awful for you, look after yourself and remember we're all here if you need us for support x

  • Once your under you won't feel a thing. They gave me a private room and my husband was allowed to stay with me until going through to the op theatre. Hopefully they'll do the same for you. They gave me tablets that dissolved under my tongue which brought in tummy cramps. I felt so empty when I came round, lots of cuddles and cry as much as you want I felt that helped 😘 x

  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope the procedure goes smoothly and safely. Take great care of yourself afterwards x

  • I haven't been through this but I am so sorry for your loss. My mum had a D&C many many years ago (I was 7)when she lost a pregnancy at 11 weeks and she had a D&C and she had no complications at all with it. Thinking of during this sad time. X

  • Hi,

    How are you (silly question I know) x we had our scan today and only the sac was growing we have a d and c tomorrow too having it done local x take care of yourself and hopefully one day it will all be worth it for us xx

  • Oh god I'm so sorry for you too xx

  • Been thinking about how you got on today, I'm glad that they not Making you wait and that there are so many posts here to support you , I'm just so sorry that you are going through this X

  • Thank you x How are you doing? X

  • Pretty low, had my first mid wife apoint today which I was advised to go to even if it's not looking good , she was so lovely but was just really sad as I know deep down I'll not make it with this one xxx hoping you find some strength from somewhere to get you through the next couple of days X

  • And you too xx

  • Really really sorry to read your post. I haven't been following for a while as been trying to get my head straight after my second miscarriage .

    I had the D&C back in November and found it to be an emotional pain rather than physical pain.

    I remember crying going into the operating theatre, lying on the operating bed and saying good bye to my twins .

    After that just remember waking up in the recovery room with my partner.

    Touch wood physically I had not experienced any pain at all and we went out that night to watch Trevor Noah show.

    I was the one who told my partner I did not want to stay in the house.

    So, try not to worry , please God it will be physically ok for you.

    Regarding the emotional pain, although time is a healer, personally not sure if we ever fully get over the losses.

    Fingers are crossed for you .xxx

  • Again, I'm so sorry for your loss too. Thank you for providing me some comfort xx

  • Been thinking about you loads and be thinking of you tomorrow xx

  • Thinking of you lovely, lots of hugs xoxo

  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow. So sorry that you, or anyone, has to go through this. Take care & rest xxx

  • Hun... I had a D&C last July and was all emotional before and on the day. I know how you feel but trust me, it'll also help you move on. It did for me but you have to be willing to do so too. Thinking of you and loads of hugs your way and all my thoughts will be with you tomorrow. 😘😘😘

  • I'm willing. I want to move on. I don't want to hurt like this anymore. I'm very scared about tomorrow. I'll be relieved this time tomorrow night when I'm back home in my own bed, in my own home where I feel safe xx

  • I hope all goes well tomorrow morning . Be strong , I know this is a devastating time for you but you get to have your bean back to keep close to you.. big hugs x

  • We do yes. I'll never ever forget it and how much it was wanted, loved. How magical it was to see its little heart beating away. I don't have much but I have those memories. Sometimes the good ones hurt more than the bad ones do x

  • I know and you have your bean close to you and you have your precious memories x

  • I'm still a mummy now aren't I? It's just that my baby is never going to be in my arms, only in my heart. Hopefully one day soon I will have another baby that I will hold in my arms and not just my heart x

  • Tugsgirl you are still a mummy but to an angel baby . Your little one will always be with you xx

    Take some time out and look after yourself .. lots of love πŸ’• We are all here for you xx

  • Well ladies I've taken my Diazepam to help me sleep tonight. I'm beginning to feel drowsy. It's a nice calming feeling. I've taken Diazepam a few times over the years at times when I've been terrified of procedures, it really can help when you're extremely anxious. I've hardly slept or eaten much since Monday. Hoping to sleep well tonight. Hoping to feel brave in the morning.

    Thank you all so so much from the bottom of my broken heart. Especially to those of you who've reached out to me while you are hurting from your own losses.

    You are all wonderful, brave and inspirational women. You all give me the hope to try again, to not give up on my dreams of becoming a Mummy. ❀️

  • Keeping you in prayers. Xx

  • So nervous this morning. My mouth is so dry. Can't even have a drink of water 😞

  • So sorry for you. Take care of yourself and we are all thinking of you xxxxx

  • I just want to say I'm thinking of you today xxx Gentle hugs xxx

  • I am sorry sorry to hear your news. You will be fine with the general anaesthetic don't worry. I have had a D C it's not sore at all sending you lots of hugs and prayers xx

  • On my way to hospital. Emotional and scared xx

  • ❀️❀️❀️

  • πŸ’” much love to you hunny, it's not fair xxβ€πŸ’‹

  • Thinking of you x

  • Thinking of u dear.

    Be kind to urself.

  • Good luck for today tugs. I think for you your doing the right thing. It was nearly 3 weeks between scan and eventually medically induced miscarriage for me and that was a LONG wait. I know a lot of people choose a natural way so they can have more time with their baby, but oh my gosh it messes with your head as your still symptomatic ☹️ And I didn't get to take anything home it pretty much went where you said I imagine. This way you have remained in control too. You've made the decision and I've heard it's a quick recovery. You will be able to have a funeral and follow a proper grieving process. You will get closure. You've made the right decision pet. Your strong πŸ’ͺ and when your hearts tender that's when we can be strong for you ❀️❀️❀️


  • ❀️

  • Hi tugsgirl, I just wanted to send you hugs xxx I had my d&c yesterday and everything went as well as it could. Resting today with some bleeding and cramps. It's not easy, I remember talking to my bean before they put me to sleep to promise her that I would meet her one day, no matter what it took I would fight. It's ok to be scared, I was but today I don't feel as sad. We all deal with our emotions differently and you have to do what is best for you. DH wasn't allowed to come in with me but was waiting when I came round. The consultant and nurses were very good and I go back in 2 weeks for a check up. You will be in my prayers today, take care xx

  • ❀️

  • Just wanted to say hope it goes as well as it can do. I had surgical management last Summer. I was really scared but it was fine and physically I recovered quickly. It took longer to recover emotionally of course and I would say to give yourself as much time as you need and not be surprised if you feel up and down, OK one day and then worse the next. Thinking of you today. Take care of yourself the best you can. xx

  • Thinking of you today tugsgirl xx

  • Thinking of you lovely xxxx

  • Thinking of you today! Take care of yourself xx

  • Oh Hun, so so sad for u both. I hope it all went as well as can be expected today and that you now have some time to recuperate and take care of yourselves xxx

  • Sending you huge love on this thread too - reading your comments makes me really admire you and you inspire me to be stronger. I've had a tough journey so far on this Ivf and multiple times I've said I can't do it again if it doesn't work. But my time hasn't been as tough as yours and you are already looking to the future and talking of trying again so it's helped me pull myself together a bit and think maybe I can do this, maybe I am strong enough. You're little angel bean will be so so very proud of his/her strong warrior mummy xx

  • I truly hope so. I hope it knows I loved it so much. That it was the most precious thing I've ever called my own. Thank you xx

  • Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you I hope that your back home soon, take care of yourself xxx

  • I'm home thank you x

  • Sorry to hear 😒 the only pain you will feel is the loss. Thinking of you xx

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