Definition of crazy: me

Definition of crazy: me

Firstly, thank you so much to all the wonderful ladies who continue to support me while on their journey. Some have ended their journey, some are taking break and some have their own heartache, worries, stresses and cycles and are still thinking of me and helping. I genuinely don't know where I'd be without you all. And now, neither does my husband! Even he asks "Have you asked your ladies?" (sorry boys... I know there are a few here!)

Secondly... I did spend most of the night in tears, worrying but having a small glimpse of hope after positive responses, a bath, a long nap on the sofa meant that I was crying because of the things which weren't certain... not because I felt broken.

Thirdly... My blood test came back fine. I can proceed to treatment! Best words I've ever read: "Just to let you know that your progesterone level taken yesterday was fine." They'll repeat the test in Cyprus...but I'm so much happier.

Honestly, 24 hours ago I'd had it with IVF. I sobbed to my husband in the lift of the hospital that I couldn't do it any more. I wish I'd been prepared for the up and downs of emotions. I wish I'd been prepared to feel like sh*t when you least expect it. I wish I'd learnt to accept that when it comes to IVF: crazy is cool.

Big love to you all xxx

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  • Oh I'm so pleased to read this. What a huge relief for you. Onwards and upwards and positive thinking for next week in Cyprus. X

  • Huge relief! Now I need to channel my inner smiles! :) x

  • So pleased to read that all can go ahead - good luck! One step

  • Thanks pumpkin. Everything crossed! x

  • Lol crazy is most definetly the only way to be.

    In fact im struggling to remember not being crazy 😜

    Fantastic news on your bloods, delighted for you and so pleased your plans are good to go.

    Yeyyyy exciting times xx

  • I'm really pleased. Cautious. But pleased. Just happy to have a bit of clarity. :) xx

  • Love this post Hun, so glad you're feeling better than previous days and are positive, ready and a little helps! Loads of luck xx

  • What's a little crazy between friends?! x

  • Awww that's great news so pleased for you, and agreed nothing prepares you for the unexpected twists we go on.

    I started my day 1 patches today so now officially cycle buddies ❀️

  • Awwww lovely! Do you know rough dates? So pleased to be back on track x

  • I am having a scan on the 19th may and if my lining is ready and everything is ok transfer will be on 25th May x

  • Yey! :) great news! x

  • Onwards and upwards! Hope all goes smoothly from here on! C

  • Fingers crossed!

  • That's brilliant news. Look forward to your trip and relax. (It was 27🌞 in Cyprus last week when we were there).x

  • Oooo what were you doing there? Holiday? So pleased to be still going xx

  • It was for our treatment...we had a really good experience. It helped having nothing to do but eat, sleep and totally relax.

  • Wow! Someone who went to Cyprus! :) a little teary smile! x

  • Ahhh, the glorious peaks and troughs of IVF!! Great great news sweetness!! On to the next stage!! 😘😘

  • Thanks for your support yesterday dolly x

  • Anytime πŸ˜‰ And by the way, crazy is indeed, cool 😎

  • Great news!! Onwards & upwards xxx

  • Climbing that ladder to success! x

  • Big love you have been doing so well. You are so close now don't lose faith xx

  • So true! x

  • So Glad to hear things are looking up and your feeling better. I just think this whole journey is a huge roller coaster of ups and downs and we literally have no idea where we are with it all from one day to the next. Best of luck for the next steps xxx

  • Thanks nmill! Looking forward to the roller coaster having some clear signage soon! x

  • I just wanted to say I love your posts, so many things you say ring true and i just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world for your DE cycle. I'm in Sydney but moving back to Yorkshire in the summer so we can try DE treatment in the UK. I have been stubborn and naive in thinking that the 18 eggs retrieved from 5 failed cycles which have all not grown past day 3 are merely a blip and I can still get pregnant at 43 with my own eggs and severe endometriosis. WHO AM I KIDDING! Time to wake up, smell the coffee, eat some chocolate, have a good cry and realise sometimes you need a bit extra help. Finally coming around to accepting we need to look into DE treatment after speaking to a few of the lovely ladies on here. Wishing you the very best with your upcoming cycle, I shall keep everything crossed and follow what you're up to to try and prepare myself for later this year!


  • Hello Sez, I'm glad you like my posts. Sometime I feel like I'm just rabbling on! Welcome back to Yorkshire (when it happens!) I'm in Yorkshire too! It's a long journey getting to DE. It's tiring, emotional, exhausting, sad, frustrating, funny (you'll get to the warped sense of humour about it...!) and life-changing.

    My tops tips are to surround yourself by people who understand and who you want to understand. I get that from here, the Donor Conception Network (in small doses), Google at 3am, my husband, my BFF and mother-in-law!

    I ate lots of chocolate, drank full caffeine coffee and snotted in to my gin. and sometimes wanted to give up. But I'm here and when I'm not panicking I am excited. Stay in touch :) x

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