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NK cell tests done ✔️

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Hi ladies and gents,

I haven't been on here for a few months now since my second failed ivf. But I have taken this time to focus on positives and just be me! If you have been following my journey you would know that I wanted to be tested to see if I had high NK cells. Well yesterday my husband and I traveled up to coventry to have this done. After some gas and air the test was done,! I am having a repeated test done next month or the month after. Hoping this will give me clarification on my repeated failures. I want to give my frosties the best chance when put back in.

Thank you for all your help when I was feeling low. To the newbies on here good luck on your journey, it's a tough road but we can come out stronger xxxxx

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Good luck with your tests and with your Frosties xx

Thanks hun, hopefully I get some good news soon x

Good luck 🍀 xx

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Thank you hunny x

Hi Diana, thank you for your reply. I guess you are right, there are many factors that can contribute. I am due to have another NK cell test done next month and they will compare the results. I don't know why I have had failures. I read you had a daughter via surrgoancy. Can I please ask if this was expensive or in the UK? X

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