Wibble and wail!

Hi all. Have replied to a few posts but not said a first hello! Am also having a wibbly day. I am 44, ttc since getting married in 2014; 3x failed fresh ivf, 1x failed fet. After a pause and some thought, we are now doing first DE cycle w frozen eggs. Am now thickening up lining ready for hopeful transfer in less than 2wks.

Why today's wibble? Hubby has developed flu like illness overnight, temp was 38 this morning! I now have him on reg paracet and ibuprofen in case temp affects the sperm, not to mention cold flannels on his privates despite all protests! (If any protest, I mention my endometrial scratches to him!!) So hope sperm will be ok.. temp now seems a lot better.

AND I have fallen behind with work admin due to feeling poorly on all the progesterone.. I have a day off today which was meant to help with getting relaxed.. and here I am catching up with paperwork.. but at least it helps my stress levels. I have all of next week off which is good.

Anyway, hello everybody, and if there is anyone else out there going through DE, be good to hear from you. Also, this will be our first time for ICSI (they have to do ICSI because of using frozen eggs... should we pay the extra for IMSI? I haven't discussed it with the consultant, going to email her secretary..)

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  • Hi Coracle. Just wanted to wish you well with all of this. I have many little ones in my albums that have been born using donor eggs - all happy little families. To think that you would be able to grow your little one, give birth and breast feed just the same as using your own eggs, which you tried so hard to do. Using IMSI, as you will already know, the sperm samples are examined under a microscope which is almost 6000 times more powerful than a normal ICSI microscope. This technique enables the embryologist to choose the very best quality sperm, without any defects, to inject into the patient’s eggs, thereby, hopefully, increasing the rate of implantation and pregnancy after fertility treatment. IMSI is usually recommended for couples whose sperm samples are unusually low or highly abnormal, or who have already undergone several IVF treatment cycles without success. Difficult decision to make, but I'm sure your consultant will guide you well. I hope that your DH is soon nursed back to health, and he can provide a perfect sample on the day. Oh I do hope all works out well this time. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks a lot for reply Diane. Will seriously consider IMSI.. perhaps 'in for a penny in for a pound'. Thanks for all your good wishes.. was getting worried about DH's high temp this morning! You often think, arrgh, 'what next??' on this journey!

  • Hi Coracle. Of course you worry, that comes with the diagnosis!. Just do your best to keep his "bits" as cool as possible, and hopefully all will be well. Diane

  • I am in a similar position to you also had four failed cycles (3 fresh cycles, 1 DE cycle) started my 2nd DE cycle today xxx

  • So sorry you had a failed DE cycle. Really hope this one is successful for you. Are you using frozen eggs, or a fresh cycle?

  • I am lucky enough to have 5 frozen blasts so it will be a FET this time xx

  • That's great, really hope it goes well. Am so hoping to have a good clutch of blasts too! xx

  • Loved your post - you write so well!

    Hubby and I are embarking on 1st DE IVF (with ICSI, clinic does it as a matter of course) and am currently on meds. Transfer set for 29th May if all goes to plan.

    I was sorry that you have not had better luck up until now and wish you only the very best in the days ahead xx

  • Thanks Countrycat. My transfer hopefully around the 15th. Really hope your cycle goes well too xx

  • Wow, getting closer now!! So exciting...and nervewrecking but mostly exciting. Fingers crossed for the best of results xxx

  • Hello! :) I actually read your name as wibble wail! Not Coracle! I'm heading abroad for Donor Egg IVF on Sunday... and my ET should be next week. All these drugs are a bit crazy aren't they?! How are you feeling now? Bit better? xx

  • Thanks Emu! Feeling bit better but hubby still a bit poorly but not so hot! Really hope your trip and cycle goes well. My transfer hopefully around the 15th so will be near you I think xx

  • I just wanted to say hi as your little intro about yourself caught my eye! I'm 43, and I didn't meet Mr Right 'til 38 (OK, I was really silly as I did first meet him at 20 at uni but thought we were too young to settle down and we went our separate ways after leaving uni, only to re-unite out the blue 15 years later in Australia!!) Anyway, that's a long story so won't go there. We did 5 IVF cycles in Oz, every cycle the embryos stopped growing at Day 3 so we never had anything to transfer. We're now currently planning to come back to the UK this summer to try DE as we've realised we can't keep going on thinking we're going to get a miracle. I'm 44 this December, I've had 18 eggs from IVF (started IVF at 39) all which stopped growing, I've got severe endometriosis and finally realise I've got to face reality, we need more help if we are to still try and have a family of our own! I've done ICSI and IVF and not seen much difference to be honest, we didn't get option of IMSI here in Oz so afraid I don't know too much about that. Good luck with your DE cycle, we'll probably starting late this summer after we move back, so will keep fingers crossed. Hope your hubby gets well soon, I did laugh at your cold flannel, nothing compared to what we have to endure hey! Good luck with everything. Sx

  • Hi Coracle....I am currently going through DE, we went abroad for this cycle as there isn't a waiting list and the success rates for DE is over 70% compared to around 45% in the UK. I'm 42 and had one failed IVF cycle, we were told that it wouldn't be an option to try another cycle and DE would be the only way forward....so, here we are.

    I'm on a ridiculous amount of medication (with very few side effects), most of how I have been feeling is due to the nature of the situation and being slightly anxious. I worked up until going abroad but I'm off now and only one day to go until I can do my first test.

    Do I feel pregnant? I haven't got a clue, I feel bloated and my pulse rate is slightly higher but that's about it. I'm just going from day to day, enjoying the time to relax and spending most of it outdoors walking to dogs and seeing to my horse (no exercise or riding though).

    Good luck.x

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