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So as expected I got the negative I expected!😢 I took last week off just incase I could do anything to make it work.I took the test the clinic gave me which wait for it was faulty!You would think after the amount of money they have had off me they could give me a test that bloody worked!😈 Anyway I cried all weekend and still don't know what to do next!The clinic called and offered me counselling,another cycle,etc but they rang at the most inconvenient time as always so they are posting me a letter out for me to think about it.My husband doesn't want me to go through it again and we have a little boy so I know we are very lucky and I should have seen this coming after the battle we had to have him but it doesn't make it any easier plus my hormones don't help!The financial side is a big factor too as we don't have the money to keep throwing at the treatment.Sorry for ranting I just wanted to update the people on here who have listened to me moan before and see what other people have done or questions they have asked the doctor when the cycle fails? Thanks xxx

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Really sorry you got a BFN. Our first clinic didn't even give us a HPT, they must only cost them pennies, and we gave them a lot of money for our first 2 rounds of treatment. I believe we get one included this time (we're at a different clinic).

The doctors don't know why it didn't work for us so be prepared for the "Don't know" response on your follow up. They might be able to adjust treatment to try to improve your chances if you decide to try again.

You are lucky to have one child but that probably doesn't make this failure any less painful.

Take time to recover and then consider your options.

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Awwwwww babes such a sad time. You are blessed to have a child already.

I have been with 2 BFN's and no time does it get any better it's always a battle and fight to the end.

We have thrown so much money at this and this is our 3rd and final attempt.

All have been fresh cycles as never anything to freeze.

There isn't a wrong or right way to get over it. No matter how you dress it up or down just don't beat yourself up its not your fault.

Nature can be really cruel....

The clinics as far as my experience goes never give you a definitive answer more a pity look and a try again I changed my clinic Ailey because they pissed me off with that crap.

I wish you well and hope whatever you decide it all works out xxx

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Thanks,we may change clinics it's just going to be more expensive as the one we are at is the cheapest in the area.I always feel guilty as we have a child we had 2 iui's to have him but I always dreamed of a big family and all of this has just made me realise that's not likely to happen.I wish you all the best with your cycle,keep us updated xxx

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Thanks,I will take my time I was ok at the start but found the end really draining.Are you doing another cycle?


Hi bubbles20,

What a hard position to be in. Sorry to hear this news. The counselling will help to talk through how you feel. Take some time to recover from this round before launching into anything new. I think when it comes to deciding what point to stop it is about when you feel you have given it all your best shot and you may have to think about what the limit is for you as a couple. I think the main thing is to take some time to work through your feelings right now and then decide if you want to have one more round.

Best wishes for whatever you decide, xxx

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