Well I've avoided this site for sometime now but I have to let this out somewhere. I want to congratulate all with little peanuts going.

I had a double FET done on the 9th. My 2ww was hellish but we got our BFP and was over the moon. But not long after I started to bleed. Was still showing as positive so the clinic told me to keep with the medication. Was booked for a 7 week scan on the 9th but I've tested negative twice now so I called the hospital (IVF clinic closed till tomorrow). They told me since I've showed negative tests twice now I've probably miscarried already and will have no pregnancy tissue left.

We are left devastated. This was our last funded chance and 2nd miscarriage so we had high hopes for this go. We're using donor eggs too and we don't have that much frozen ones left. And it's been 2 weeks of bleeding with no sign of it stopping.

Why does this happen,. It's so unfair. My body already lets me down but not being able to produce my own embies but I can't even keep on and grow someone's else's

I just want to curl in a corner and give up. What's the point ........

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  • I'm really sorry for your loss.curl up in a corner and cry but don't give up will happen for you one day. Sending Hugs to you .

  • Oh honey this is devastating for you both. I agree curl up and cry let yourself feel this way as it hurts so so badly. Know that in time you will figure out a plan and decide what is the best next move for you both and that you can always find support on here. Also curl up together with your partner and move forward in time together.. sending huge huge hugs xxxx

  • I am really sorry for the bad news. Do allow yourself to grieve and let everything out. That helped me after my miscarriage after my fresh cycle. I know how devastating it is but please be kind to yourself and understand that it will eventually happen and you will get your bundle of joy.

    Use this new year as an opportunity for a fresh start after you have had a break and feel ready to try again.

    Please do look after yourself.

    Lots of hugs πŸ€— 😘

  • Never give up, keep the faith. Have a good cry, vent your anger and then keep going. Good luck xx

  • Oh jamjar5060 im so so sorry to hear your devastating news. It is just dreadful and you need time to cry and grieve this terrible loss. Please be kind to yourselves and just take each day at a time. I know it's hard to imagine now but in time you will feel stronger again and then you can decide what you want to do next. Sending big hugs xx

  • So sorry to hear this, look after yourself xxx

  • Thanks all. Trying to stay strong but easier said than done. Xxx

  • I am sorry you are having a rough time. There are various reasons why mcs occur. I recommend considering additional tests (eg karyotyping) to find out more why you can't conceive and have experienced mc. I have read some posts of ladies who have undergone their ivf de with PGS NGS to increase their chances of getting pregnant.x

  • I'm so sorry to read this jamjar, it must be devastating and it's completely unfair. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. Just know that you are incredibly strong and you are amazing to just keep going. Sending so much love to you and hoping you can find some peace in the days that come x x x

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