Hello from me :)

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a nice long weekend. I've just come across this forum as we are hopefully getting ready to attempt cycle number 5. We have been trying for 6 years now, ICSI every time and lots of eggs, but not great quality (I have polycystic ovaries and my husbands motility and morphology not great). We have had DNA fragmentation tests after the last failure and now awaiting test results to see if there is an improvement after 2 lots of antibiotics and wholesale nutrition changes etc. If not then we are at the sperm/egg donor stage. I must admit I am tired and weary and just want to cry every time I think about starting again!

That said, we have to keep going and I like to think I have developed a good, of dark, sense of humour about the whole situation. We learn a bit more each time but I am so ready to see the positive test, I'm tired of 'learning' and just want to be a mum! So hi from me :)

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  • Hi Pinky,

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear your journey to date has not saw you reach your dream as yet. It will, dont give up.

    You will get lots of support on this forum, the girls are great and there are a variety of issues between us all. Its nice to see the successful stories which gives us hope and also support each other in the darkest of times. Family and friends are great but they can only understand to a point.

    I am at the of stage of finding humour in every aspect of my journey! You need to or you will litterally end up nuts.

    Like you I have had 4 icsi cycles, 1 abandoned, 1 bfn and 2 chemical pregnancies. Its an absolute rollercoaster.

    I am now about to embark on a donor egg cycle abroad.

    Information is key when your going through your cycles and I have learned so much on here.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world going forward and looking forward to reading your update posts as you go 😘❀ xx

  • Hey thanks LBM1979! Sorry to hear about your cycles, but wishing you lots of luck with your next one :)

    I think I will feel better once we have this next set of results - I like to have a plan and a way forward and at the moment it's like being in limbo (even more than usual!).

    All the best to you xxx

  • Hi πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the group and good luck on your journey, whatever form that may take 🀞 X

  • Thank you Tugsgirl!!xx

  • Welcome! You've come to the right place - brilliant bunch of people here. Chances are someone somewhere will have had a similar experience at some stage so no question is too silly or off limits. Sending lots of luck to you xx

  • Thanks WeeMrsH! Xx

  • *waves* hello! 😊

    Welcome to my second home! You'll find it really useful here. I joined when we found out there was a less than 2% chance of having children with my eggs. While I wanted to have a go with my own our journey was quickly over. This group was amazing. Here's hoping you find lots of wonderful friends here like I have!

    Good luck with your journey! x

  • Hello. πŸ‘‹ Welcome. I'm quite new too but have found so much comfort from the group already. It's good to know there are ladies who understand how you feel and who can empathise with you and you with them. I hope you find it as helpful as I have. Wishing you lots of luck in your donor cycle. xxx

  • You've found the right place! Heaps of support here!

    Just wanted to share a success story with you, in the hope it will help you feel like it's worth carrying on.

    One of my friends had two donor egg Ivf cycles, five donor sperm IUIs then on cycle 6 where she did donor sperm Ivf she finally fell pregnant with her son. The whole process took about eight years but they did it.

    I know it can be annoying to hear success stories, but hopefully in this case it will help you to know you really are not the only one who has kept on trying for so long xxx

  • Thanks Lizzie :) it's sometimes hard to hear the good news stories isn't it but makes it seem like it could still be a reality xxx

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