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1st Ultrasound Scan done!!!


Hello guys we have just come back from our first ultrasound and omg it was a feeling i will never forget, we saw the babys heartbeat and it was all fine. Baby is measuring 7 weeks 5 days which is one day ahead as I am currently 7 weeks 4 days today. The heartbeat was 168bpm as I was feeling nervous but everything is all good. 😊😊 we couldnt hear the heartbeat today but was fine. We will hopefully hear it on our 12 week scan.

I am just so so happy and best part is the due date is 15th July 2019 which is my brithday!! Hubby got well jealous hehehe!!! @Sfarre let me know how yours goes aswell today:)

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So happy for you. Wishing you the best with your pregnancy xoxo

Brilliant news. What a Christmas present! xx

Congratulations! Yes, just got back from my scan: we saw our little bean too! Heartbeat and everything normal, I'm so relieved!! Xx

Yes what lovely news... congratulations.... looks like Santa came early 😊😘💕


So happy for you ☺️

Enjoy your pregnancy lovely xx

That's wonderful news xx congrats xx

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