How is everyone today?


How are you all feeling today? It's the middle of the week and many of us will have a long weekend to look forward to. So that's something.

I thought I would be in bits after my BFN last week but I feel OK about it. This was my 1st ever cycle after IUI. Does this mean I have dealt with it well or am I due a flood of emotions soon? I also had to abandon my 2nd cycle of IUI as the egg follicle was too big.

Has anyone else been OK after their BFN? I'm worried that I'm going to come crashing down. Any tips to stop this from happening?

Lots of hugs to everyone


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  • Hey hun. I also think you did really good with ur first iui. And your positive about going forward. I hope there never comes a time as such that ur down. However there is ups and downs N i hope nothing like that happenes but just prepare yourself just incase things dont go by the book. Nearly everyone have experienced some days where u feel a little down and days where you feel happy and positive. I defo say that things dont alwayz go to plan just have that in mind. Not trying to put you off but with me when u want af to show it doesnt and i have had my app cancelled by the clinic twice. Best

  • Hey,

    I had kinda anticipated the BFN all the signs that AF was coming were there. So I was OK with the BFN as i had a few days to get used to it beforehand. But i wasn't ready for the abandonment of my 2nd cycle. I usually don't cope well with change as it sets me off. But I seem to be ok which is strange for me. I think I just need to relax and always be prepared for any eventuality.

    Has AF made an appearance yet? xx

  • Yes it did honey it showed up on friday i was so it was almost 2 weeks late but came in the end.xxxhowver the clomid has made the af less day and light where it use to be heavy and

  • Well that's good that it finally arrived. I found that the clomid did that too. Possibly the only good side effect with taking clomid :) xx

  • Hi I had 1 failed ICSI cycle and I was devastated, but slowly you learn to move on and look forward to the next step. Everyone is different, but I felt better after a couple of weeks. x

  • How are you keeping Ditsy? When is your 7 week scan? I'm just trying to stay as positive as I can. I'm prone to depression and have had a few bad episodes over the years. I'm just always aware that I could fall in to the black hole. It usually starts with me being super positive and then slowly I fall. xx

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