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Results meeting soon!

Hi all

I have been a bit quiet on here recently as just been very busy. My husband bought me a bunny for Easter she's so cute, but has been a big distraction which is good in a way but I now realise we have our results meeting next Friday and I need to start thinking about that! What should I be asking and expecting? We ve been having tests as to why we can't conceive since October, not really had any feedback so no idea what they are going to say or suggest we do on Friday. What are other people's experiences of this meeting? Can I expect some course of action laid out? What should I ask? Been waiting so long I want to ensure we get the most out of it! Xx

Added a pic of why I've been so distracted!

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Sorry i cant offer any advice as only at the start of our journey (and have confirmed medial diagnosis), but good luck with your meeting!

And how gorgeous is that little bunny?! xx

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Hi Bec how cute is your bunny ☺️ I'm so jealous. I have 2 bunnies and I don't know what I'd do without them.

Our results meeting went really well, and I guess it depends on what your results are. My results came back to show that I had a blocked Fallopian tube, but all my other results were normal e.g. Blood tests, ovulation. My OH sperm test was normal too. As we had been trying for nearly 4 years the doctor suggested IVF. She sent a letter to apply for funding as we qualified for 1 free cycle. And about 2 weeks later we got a letter saying we got a free cycle. I'm sure the doctor will give you any options available to you depending on your results. Whatever they are you should come away with something in place. X


Ditto! My OH bought me my bunny Lilly a week before Easter and she's been a lifeline for me! I spoil her rotten! She keeps us on our toes as she's so confident and full of character! I wish we could share pics in the comments! Your little fluff ball looks like my Lilly too. Enjoy her! xx


Haha our OHs must think that a bunny will sort everything out lol! It's true though she's made me so much happier than I was and taken my mind off things. Hopefully the distraction will be a good thing for both of us xxx

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It will be, trust me. Good luck at your results meeting xx


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