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3 day transfer positive stories please!! 🀞🏻

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We had my husbands sperm retrieval on Thursday. On Friday we found out we had absolutely no sperm to work with so have gone forward with donor sperm. My eggs were defrosted on Friday, and 9/9 were defrosted. This morning we got the news that only 2 had fertilisd (they are blaming it on the eggs being frozen). One was abnormal so has been discarded leaving us with only one embryo. We are going for a 3 day transfer on Monday 🀞🏻 I would like to think we are being as positive as we can, as we have known for almost 2 years that oh has azoospermia but it’s all been a bit of a whirl wind. Just on the lookout for any 3 day positive success stories which will help going into this with the best mindset possible!! I can’t help but feel a bit dissapointed when only one has fertilised. We were led to believe we should have a lot more than that! Thanks in advance.

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I think, but I’m not 100% sure, that Hidden is pregnant with a 3dt..

Good luck for yours xx

Cako123 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks very much xxx

I don't have my own success story yet but I know there are many successes with 3dt. Hopefully someone here can share.


Hey there, on my first attempt at ivf, I did get pregnant with a 3 day transfer. Unfortunately I did have a miscarriage, but I don’t think that was anything to do with it being a 3 day transfer.

Wishing you lots luck πŸ’• xx

My friend got pregnant with a 3dt only embryo she had and he stuck first ivf! He's a perfect 4 year old now 😁 best of luck xx

Hi I had a three day transfer and only had one egg fertilised from 7 and I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and being very sick so chin up xxx

Sending you lots of love and bby dust

Cako123 in reply to strong-girl

Aw wow thanks for this!! Congratulations!! Very happy for you xxx

We had a day 3 transfer. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant. We were lucky as out of 12 eggs that was the only usable one for various reasons. Good luck, think positive and relax as much as possible! X

Cako123 in reply to Lynn31181

Aw this is absolutely amazing!!! Congratulations, you have definitely made me feel like this is possible!! Xxx


Hi, as the wonderful Tugsgirl has said, I'm 28 weeks pregnant after a 3 day transfer. I was disappointed when told I wouldn't be having a 5 day transfer but it can work Hun. Wishing you all the best 😘 x

Cako123 in reply to Hidden

Aw thanks very much. Congratulations on your pregnancy 😘 xxx

We got twins from our 3dt. It can happen! Keep the faith xx

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