New here...ICSI soon

Hi all

I'm new to posting but I have been following your posts for a month or so now.

We have male fertility problems which was diagnosed in around July/August last year. We have been trying for 25 months now. The NHS have been amazing getting us through and we're about to start our first ICSI cycle using the antagonist protocol around 4th March.

I have been chosen to have the endometrial scratch for a study my hospital are conducting and I have that this Friday. Anyone else had the scratch and been successful?

Also, anyone experienced really low sperm count and mortality/morphology problems but been successful with ICSI?

Look forward to taking this journey with you all. Thanks for your answers in advance!

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  • We've got unexplained my partners sperm is of high quality and I'm fine they literally can't find anything wrong with us so we were recommended ICSI with IVF split.

    Had 8 fertilised eggs so did the split 4x4.

    None if the IVF ones made it past day 2 but all ICSI went onto blastocyst day 5 transfer. Had 2 x transferred 2x on freeze.

    I'm all for ICSI πŸ‘Œ Waiting to test for result on Friday yiiikes!

    All the best if luck with ICSI.xx

  • Thank you for your reply!! Lots and lots of luck for Friday!!! 🀞🏻


  • Hi sunbeam, welcome!!

    I had ICSI as hubby has low sperm count. No problem, all but one didn't fertilise.

    It's the safest way and I think more controlled than IVF.

    I didn't have a scratch last time, but definitely plan on doing it the second round. It can't hurt so why not...

    Best of luck on the journey ahead!

  • Thanks so much for replying...all sounds hopeful so fingers crossed!

    Good luck for your next round! x

  • Hi Sunbeam, Just wanted to say Hi as I'm new here too (starting 1st IVF in April). Our hospital is running the scratch trial too, I asked whether I could be considered for it as I'd heard positive things about it, but they want me to go on a different trial they're running instead and I can't do both. I was willing to give anything a try! Really hope it works for you and good luck with the whole process.

  • Hi sunbeam I just want to wish you a huge amount of luck with your cycle! Don't be too concerned with the low sperm count etc, so long as your hubby is eating well, taking his supplements that will help and the embryologist will cherry pick the very best ones for ICSI anyway which takes the pressure off straight away. I hope everything goes smoothly for you, lots of luck! x x x

  • Wishing you all the very best. The wife had the scratch late last year, early this year we had 2 embies placed back. In early Feb, we got a BFP ( we also had ICSI). We had sadly lost of the embies recently, we are now 7 weeks into preganancy with the other embie ( to have yet best chance of pregnancy due to the wife's age, this was teccomended.... it was a tough tough choice to make but ultimately we trusted the experts) So far all is going well. We have our great official scan next week.

    My advise would becdomy take each stage in your stride, remain positive throughout, eat well, relax and look after yourself above all. There maybe times when you worry about certain stages throughout this journey but that is normal, and we will all be here to support you SunBeam

  • Thanks to everyone for your kind replies. I'm really glad I posted and think this place is going to be of great support!!

    Lots of luck to all you lovely people!


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