Double trigger?!

Hello everyone,

I'm on cycle day 9 and short protocol stimming. Had a scan today and got egg retrieval booked for Monday. Already ten follicles around 14 mm and one at 19 mm!

This is my second attempt. First round was long protocol, 14 follicles, 8 eggs, most not mature when retrieved, eventually 5 fertilised but none cleaving properly so nothing to put back.

Hence the change to short protocol, Menopur instead of Gonal F, trying to get more mature eggs this time.

This morning I heard about the last trick up my consultant's sleeve: double trigger shot. Not quite sure I fully understand it, does anyone have experience with this?

She said she considered doing retrieval Saturday but then decided Monday was better due to last time's poor result - let's leave them grow a little longer. But then, in addition:

On Saturday at 6 pm I'll have my last ovulation blocker (Orgalutran), then at 8 pm the regular ovulation trigger shot (Ovitrelle), then at 10 pm two shots of Gonapeptyl (same drug as I had for down regulation on my first long protocol cycle).

Grand objective: get the eggs to mature better.

My inquisitive mind wants to understand better how this "double trigger" is meant to work so keen to hear if anyone has experience or understanding they can share!

Thanks in advance :-)

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  • I don't know about this specifically, but I found it interesting as I had a similar problem last cycle- 9 eggs collected but only 3 mature and only 1 embryo to put back in (bfn). They've switched me from only menopur to high dose gonal-f then adding in menopur at the end of stimming.

    Regarding trigger, I've got pregnyl this time (had gonasil last time but that's only because they couldn't get pregnyl) so I'm not sure if it's a large dose or normal. I just have to take it once but they're giving me 37 hours instead of 36 to get the eggs to mature. They have also said they'll let me go a little longer if I look as though I have some big and some small follicles.

    I think every doctor does things a bit differently and it is based on our individual bodies. We just have to trust to their training and experience... there's nothing else we can do!

  • Thanks for your reply Lizzie. Where are you in your cycle now? I'll be administering my combo of four injections this eve, with egg retrieval Monday. It's happening! Fingers crossed for a better outcome than last time. I like they're doing things differently, makes me feel they can actual control a little. Hope I'm right!

  • Started stims yesterday. Good luck for your egg collection... let us know how you get on xx

  • Will do! Exciting times for you too then. Fingers crossed for positive spring vibes and results for us both!

  • I havent heard this before but Im sure they know what they are doing. Wishing you all the best xxx

  • Thank you @beanme. D-day (number 1) is monday, curious to hear what they get! Won't know maturity until Tuesday though. How are you getting on? X

  • Hey hun, I had a bad time of it last week. Lost bean due to ectopic along with right tube. Am feeling stronger now and returning to work on Monday. I'll try again in a few months but for now am waiting for body to heal xxx

  • Oh no I'm so sorry to hear! What a devastating news :_( Didn't realise you could have ectopic with IVF.Glad to hear you're starting to feel stronger. It takes time to heal physically and emotionally... thinking of you, hope you'll recover well. Xx

  • Thanks hun, yeah ectopic with IVF is rare but unfortunately I fell into that tiny percentile. Im going to get the other tube clipped before trying again for peace of mind xxx

  • Sometimes you just don't want to be special - and this is one of them! Totally understand you'll get the other clipped for peace of mind. After all this, you'll need IVF anyway and rather increase your chances for a successful outcome where you can! When is the op? Good luck! Xx

  • Thank you hun. And best of luck tomorrow xxxx

  • Thanks lovely! Xx

  • I had a double trigger (double amount at the same time) and they just said it would release the follicles better (even the smaller ones) so they would be properly detached and easier to collect. This should help them to form/shape better too because they are not sticking. That's what I understood anyway, didn't really question it! The possible side effects were even worse bloating, headache and nausea but I got through it fine and they collected 6 out of my 8 follies so I was happy. Good luck with it and hope all goes well! xoxo

  • Thanks for your reply @Nesfin! Glad I'm not the only one! That's new info for me, that they can collect them better! Hope I won't have the side effects though. My double trigger is different than yours though, not the double trigger in quantity but two trigger drugs on top of one another. Second injection about to go in, then two more left in a couple of hours!

  • I'm sure they wouldn't have recommended it without a reason so inject away and fingers and toes crossed they will flow happily and freely inside of you ready for new adventures!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  • I soooo hope this is doing the trick!! Had different stimms too and things got going right away and much more equally than last time (when I was slow to respond and even on day 10 of stimms I only had 4 follies. Eventually I had 10 and then 14, but only 8 eggs, most immature). Last time they did 4 IVF, 4 ICSI. Whilst the ICSI fared worse in terms of fertilisation rate, that might have to do with the fact 3 of 4 weren't mature. They can only tell maturity when they ICSI them. Tomorrow it'll be all ICSI, just if nothing else, they'll know if this new drug regime is working for me ;-) But hopefully I've been making golden eggs over Easter! Fingers crossed for loads of mature adventurers!

  • Hope you're still doing well? I hope I'll follow your great example and soon be pregnant - double whammy! Bring on the triggers and lots of eggs to collect, fertilise, divide and blast!

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