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Feeling down looking for ivf success stories with severe endometriosis

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I'm waiting for my stent to go in on Tuesday for my endometriosis restricting my uretur and a further lot of surgery to remove the endometriosis blocking it plus hopefully a lot of lesions in other areas, but I'm feeling a bit down our journey just seems to be so complicated and it keeps going on and on. I'm aware other ladies on here have had difficult situations with severe endometriosis and I'd love to here your success stories to give me hope! 😊

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Hi maya!

So I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in 2014. Did lap to confirm it. Used zoladex for 6 months which helped alot. Went on to do my first ivf in 2015. Got 10eggs had 6properly fertilized ..can't rem what happened to the rest ...but went on to having 2 transfered. I ended up geting a BFN. I was devastated. However I had 4 left. 2 of them didn't seem to be developing properly but then two was. So those were frozen. I went on to have problems after where I had spotting throughout the entire month before my period for almost all of last year. I then decided with my doc that another laporoscopy was needed. I did this in dec last year. They removed my tube because it had endo in it and abnormally thickened (left tube). The other was okish but not so functional otherwise may have gotten thru naturally. (Of course everthing was stuck together in there again and extensive work was done). Any way...after the lap up to last month I was still spotting but this time only half the month. I and my doc believed it was hormonal now since the other brown spotting last year was prob coming from the endo filled tube. So I wanted to transfer my other two embies in a natural cycle. This was not a good idea because I was spotting half the month. But the fertility doc said initially after failed ivfthat was my best option. So I still said we would go ahead and if spotting happens we would cancel the cycle before they thaw the embies hopefully. So this month we went thru with it and up to the morning of the transfer the nurse called to confirm no spotting and it was a go. Today I am 8 days past 5 day transfer. And tomorrow is the day I will find out if it happened or not. Really nervous and scared. This is not a success story but to share with you that you are not alone and we all have battles but we can't give up!! I hope that i can share a success story with you tomorrow. πŸ˜•

Aww thankyou lovely. You have had a rotten time of it with the endometriosis I'm so sorry it's such a nasty disease. Aww I'm so pleased your ivf cycle went smoother this time. Coincidentally I also had spotting throughout both my cycles last year. I'm going to keep everything crossed for you. Please let me know how you get on tommorow. Praying it's a success story. Thanks for answering its so nice to hear from others in the same boat. Sometimes we just need a little boost don't we xxxx

Yes we do. This time it wasn't ivf but fet. Just a little different. I also believe that the ivf with high estrogen levels may cause harm to our bodies with endo. Although my doc says no all the time. But it's a rocky rollercoaster with the endo-devil. I'm sitting here just hoping that a miracle cud happen tommorow but somtimes i feel as it's just not my luck or not meant to be. praying thats not true. Thanks for keeping me in mind! I will def let you know how it goes! I get the results tommorow afternoon.

I know it's definitely a Rocky roller-coaster I feel like I don't know what's going on with my body from one minute to the next! I'm keeping everything crossed for you. You will be on pins tommorow it's awful isn't it. I agree with the estrogen thing back before I even knew I had endo or how severe it was my gynaecologist put me on clomid. I'm convinced it just made everything a lot worse xxx

Hi maya

I am waiting on my beta results which I will get late today. I paniced this morning because I started bleeding and still am with cramps. I took the hpt this morning and it came back positive! First ever BFP But I'm not too excited because I'm scared and don't know y I'm bleeding. I posted a detailed post earlier.

I got diagnosed with a frozen pelvis in 2014 had surgery to remove adhesions and take a tube out. Tried with the remaining tube even though we knew we had little hope - unsurprisingly we were unsuccessful even with trying a round of clomid. Moved house and Went for ivf consult got seen at an endo centre then had to have surgery to remove two huge chocolate cysts and the remaining blocked tube before ivf. Got given decapeptyl to stop everything coming back and get ready for my ivf cycle... 3 months after surgery first round of ivf i got 16 folicles, 10 mature, 6 fertilised, 2 lasted until day 3, one put back in and other frozen. Im now 25 and a half weeks pregnant! It feels like its been ages with the back and forth to different consultants at different places (esp with the move) and we know we are not past the finish line but we never thought we would get this far - it can happen good luck!

I have stage 4 endo - mainly affecting my ovaries and tubes and therefore IVF is our only real hope. I suspect I have lots of adhesions as my cervix, womb and ovaries are all out of shape on scans now but haven't gone down the 3rd laparoscopy route as I want to try and preserve as much chance of egg quality as possible. Despite my ops on each ovary I respond well to high dose stimms and have had my second BFP yesterday (first cycle ended in miscarriage). I know my embryo quality is poor and with my age chance of genetic abnormality is high (they also saw some dodgy stuff happen on timelapse) but I wanted to say I've responded better to IVF than I thought. My clinic recently posted a link to this article about the success with IVF being exactly the same for endo sufferers.


I know that not everyone will end up conceiving (and I may not yet get a full term birth) but given I had very little chance before IVF then I know my chances are way higher now. I am part of a FB group called endometropolis and there are quite a lot of stories get posted on there about successes. Endo is a horrible, mysterious disease.... But it doesn't mean infertility for certain... All the very best with your recovery x

I have severe endometriosis affecting mainly my bowel,ovaries and pelvis. I had 4 hour surgery in 2015 to have it removed and within months I was in agony again. I was advised IVF was my only option to conceive.

I started ICSI Jan 2016, my fresh cycle failed. I then went on to have a FET in May 16 which gave me my beautiful baby boy who is now 12 weeks old ☺️


I didn't know I had endo until bleeding in between periods made me go to my GP. I've always had painful heavy periods and fir the last two years one the first day would wake with horrendous pain giving me simultaneous vomiting and diarrhoea whilst going through sweats soaking my clothes and then uncontrollable shivering. This would be over in three hours, I would go to bed shaking and get up and be fine. Dr offered ibruprofen and said it was hard being a woman!!!!! Anyway this neglect led to a 7cm mass encompassing left ovary and tube to be removed. My ureter was stented during the op as the endo was all over it. Had symptoms two months after and a scan showed an endo patch of 5cm remaining in the left and possible bowel stuck to uterus. Aswell as ovary stuck to UL.

I went straight to ivf with my one ovary at 38. 3 mature eggs, all went to blast, top quality put back in and one medium quality Frostie.

I'm just over 8 weeks due in December. Two fingers up to endo. You just need to turn from an endo warrior to an ivf warrior easily done when you have to put up with that dreadful chronic disease. Keep fighting x

Thanks it's so nice to hear so many stories. I go into have my stent put in tommorow to try and save my kidney. Then I need another four and half hour surgery to remove the endometriosis . Then finally hopefully we can try ivf again. It's so frustrating sometimes I feel like the endometriosis just makes everything so complicated lovely to hear you stories zxx

Hey there! It feels so good to see that many people are sharing their success stories here to help and motivate people through this time. IVF is a great treatment for people with endo. Just make sure the clinic you are opting for has a high success rate. Because in treatments like this it's important that the doctors are experienced. Good Luck! Stay blessed!

I m happy that these treatments are helping a lot of people. It really gives me hope when I read such stories. It makes me strong for my treatment. I have recently started my IVF so I hope things work out for me. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

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