Any endometriosis/IVF/laparoscopy success stories out there?

Hi all, this is one of those days when I feel down and would love to hear a successful story to keep my hopes high up.

I am 34, and last October I was diagnosed with endometriosis, after 1 year of TTC without success. I and my partner had several tests done, his sperm count is ok and seems like the “only” problem I had was a 4cm chocolate cyst.

My AMH levels were also a bit low for my age, 1.39 ng/ml.

I had a laparoscopy at the end of March to remove the cyst, which has grown in the meantime. My tubes were ok and I had adhesions only around the cyst, which were removed during the surgery.

My first cycle after the laparoscopy was 38 days long; unfortunately my gynecologist confirmed I didn’t ovulate during my second cycle, which was only 21 days long.

I read many stories of people conceiving right after the laparoscopy, so I was hoping something would change for the better, but the fact I didn’t ovulate during my last cycle is taking a toll on me, especially after 1 year and a half of trying.

Plus all the people around me are pregnant or just had their babies, from my best friends to my sisters. I am very happy for them, but at the same time very frustrated and jealous. Where is my baby? Why can’t I have one?

I feel very depressed and let down, angry at myself for not being able to conceive, my body is not working and I feel guilty towards my partner for not giving him the child he deserves, even though he is very supportive and keeps saying the only thing that matters to him is my health.

Everyone says I should relax and forget for the moment about it, and it will happen, but please tell me how can I relax when all I desire seems so far away? My gynecologist also says stress affects the chances of getting pregnant, and I should try to get a bit more relaxed cause everything is fine. But it’s hard, and I try but nothing seems to work.

I am also worried about my AMH and FSH levels: my AMH could be even lower due to the surgery but I cannot repeat the test at the moment due to some NHS cuts, however I had my FSH test done this morning and I am looking forward to the results (fingers crossed).

I have scheduled an appointment in September with a fertility clinic, as we are already considering IVF. I know it won’t be easy, but I just hope I can feel better and more relaxed to maximize my chances when September comes.

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  • Hi

    I have a success story!!

    I was diagnosed with mod/severe endometriosis in sept 2015 after a laparoscopy after we had been ttc 1yr.

    My cycle didnt return until 3 months after this op which hd me extremely worried as like u i had heard and read so many stories of ladies falling pregnant mknths after a laproscopy.

    We were eventually referres to fertility clinic in jan 2016-all tests ok aprt from ohs 3% morphology ( 4% is norm so i wasnt too worried) and of course my endo plus i had cyst on my right ovary, we tried clomid for 2minths which was a big kistake as it only aggravate she the endo, we then had a cycle of icsi in aug 2016- this failed.

    From dec the pain i had from my cyst was horrendous-i can only assume it had grown and unfortunately gp or gynaecologist refused to do any more ops as i wanted more children.

    I then booked a private consultation with a gynaecologist as i wanted a second opinion and i also booked an appt for a second and last attempt at ivf for may.

    To my complete surprise i got my bfp last cycle!! 2 1/2yrs ttc- i had tried everything-opks,bbt,preseed,protein,acupuncture,massage!!

    I have hd no pain from cyst since finding out.

    It will happen for u-it just might take longer but dont give up! Xxx

  • Hi Rehanat,

    Thanks a lot! You cannot imagine (or maybe you can :)) how reassuring is to read that someone else, who experienced the same pain I do, got over it and got pregnant! Thanks for sharing your story, means a lot to me! And congrats on your pregnancy :) :) :)

    Even a simple post like this can make a day better, like yours did to me! Thanks for that! :) :)

  • Aww u r most welcome!

    Honestly do not give up- i had started to think it was never going to happen for us and as we r self funded oh wasnt keen on spendin so much on ivf especially after our first cycle failed.

    It will happen, it might just take longer so try not to stress and just carry on doing the deed! I ended up not doing opks or anything as it was becomin far too stressful altho by this time i had an idea of what day i ovulated so i just planned dtd around that. We literally dtd 3 times last month but it worked!!! I also know how awful the pain is- try castor oil pcks and look on toutube for self care fertility massage, i had that done last cycle and do believe it contributed. Try and c if there is a mizan therpaist near u and take a visit- mizan it is expensive but cheaper than ivf!!!

    Stay positive xxx

  • Same here, we are self funded and IVF is very expensive! :( I gave up opks as they made me even more nervous and stressed! I planned my life around fertile days till last cycle, and told my partner we couldn't even get a visit from friends as those were my fertile days, which made him crazy :D :D :D So I am now trying to live a "more normal life", without "scheduled" appointments and avoiding no-visit/no-friends days ;) :D :D Just living one day at a time, hopefully it will work better ;)

    I will definitely look for mizan therapy today, thanks for sharing it :) And thanks again for your advice, much appreciated :)

  • Hi elip83. Oh, t's never easy dealing with all of this, but it seems as if you have been investigated and treated well so far, so you are now "good to go". Obviously, you now have an appointment booked for September, which is a perfect back up plan should you not be successful on your own. It can be so difficult mixing with people who are pregnant, or who have young babies, but we can't always avoid it. Perhaps you need to be careful who you mix with just for now, or you could try attending a local support group to see how others cope? You can get to know lots about what's going on in your area too, as regards to treatment etc.You can access information about Support Groups in your area by going to our website and click on “How can we help you” – “For those trying to become parents” – support – support groups – England – then select the area you are looking for.

    There is always to opportunity of counselling which should be available at your clinic/hospital or through their GP. A charity called the “British Infertility Counselling Association” can also be accessed at this is not a free service, but they are all specially qualified in counselling people with infertility issues.

    I know you will get lots of support her on this forum too. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi

    I am 38 have severe endo that resulted in a 7cm chocolate cyst encompassing left ovary and tube (at 37 that's when I was diagnosed with this awful disease, previously all symptoms were ignored). Ovary and tube removed in may 2016 and signed up for ivf immediately. Right ovary stuck to UL and possible uterus stuck to bowel. Had a horrific period 3 months post lap and had a scan where they said 5 cm of something still on the left (either ovary or endo, funny since I paid someone who said he "got it all" that he missed 75% of it!) didn't want another lap due to recovery time so headed to ivf. Amh was 7-8. At the clinic OH swimmers were not fine as the nhs said and we were advised to have icsi.

    Started long protocol in Feb and got a bfp first round, am now 10+5. So screw endo!

    Good luck with your journey x

  • Hi emmab178, thanks for replying! It is so reassuring to hear another successful story ;) :) Right what I needed today! Thanks for sharing it and big congrats for your bfp ;) :) :)

  • Hi, IVF success story here. Me = stage 4 endo, both ovaries large endometriomas, 2 x surgery, and was very sick from endo, V low AMH but oddly FSH was okay, IVF at 39. IVF worked first time and I now have my bubba. Please feel free to email me. I am now thinking of a sibling so ivf again

    Goodluck to you all. xx

  • Hi dear my case is similar as your with two endometriosmas on right and left ovary with amh level 1.84

    Dr says that my uterus cannot expand because of the large cyst on my left ovary

    I am thinking to go for surgery

    But I am worried that my amh levels will go down and I may need a donar egg

    I am just 31 age

  • Your amh might be affected by the surgery, mine was as a big portion of my ovary was removed and I lost many follicles with it l, now left with only my right ovary working. Which, however, responded well to ivf stims. Had my icsi this month, and though I got a BFP the entire process was smooth. Now thinking on what to do next, still grieving.

    You could even decide to try ivf straight away before having lap, however I’d personally follow the doctor advice and go for a lap, maybe in just one ovary? Good luck honey!

  • Hi iloveeggs, thank you!! Very happy to hear IVF worked the first cycle for you :) Trying to stay positive, and your successful story helps :) :) :)

    Good luck to you too!! xoxo

  • Hi elip83

    Thank you for this post I could have wrote 90% of this post myself.

    I believe I may have endo. I am going to visit a gynaecologist in 2weeks to discuss this.

    Thank you for asking for stories of success it has been playing on my mind as to how many people have had success after being diagnosed with this disease. As I said this has not been confirmed but all of my symptoms seem to point that way and t is my drs and my previous consultants belief that it may be.

    I am under 35 we have been trying since June ‘16 and it is really hard. We do not qualify for any help in terms of ivf or Icsi at present. I have so many friends and colleagues, parents ( I work in a nursery) who have told me it will happen don’t think about it. Just relax. Don’t pressure yourself and as much as I believe them it’s still hard trying naturally and not having an emotional breakdown every time AF arrives.

    It is so encouraging to read these stories of someone with endo who has gone on to have a bfp. Thank you ladies for sharing. It brings me a little bit more hope.


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