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I have my embryo transfer tomorrow at 9am, I'm currently using cyclogest pessaries twice a day, have been using them rectally. Today I had the worst wind ever in my tummy and rectum (sorry tmi) and really bad thinking of switching to doing them vaginally. My question is should I wait until after my transfer to do my morning message tomo or should I do one in the morning before I go? Usually do them morning and eve. Thanks!

Becky x

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  • Hey Hun, i had the same issue and i raised this with my consultant for my second round. I was told to wait until after transfer to have it at the front! Reason being they want a clean surface to put the embryo back. I also had blood and discharge from the back :( sorry for TMI! X

  • Ah ok thanks! My transfer is quite early so i think I'll just pop it in after the transfer in the loo! It's horrible either way isn't it! Tried the back way but it was awful this morning, am worried about that happening again tomorrow xx

  • Yeah it's not nice! Maybe just ask your clinic if it's ok to put it in after transfer. I hate those things! Im going to be on injections this time around aswell!

  • I haven't gotten to transfer yet (first cycle there wasn't anything to put back), but they did put me on vaginal pessaries from egg collection onwards so would have done the transfer with me having been on vaginal pessaries already - so it shouldn't be a problem?! Good luck and fingers crossed

  • Best of luck tomorrow Hun. I'll be thinking of you xxd

  • Thanks hun, how are you doing? Xx

  • Not bad thanks. 10 weeks on Monday. Scan is May 11th feels like it dragging!!!!

    Let me know how it goes tomorrow x

  • As I bet! Are you feeling Ok? Will do hun! Xx

  • I had mine vaginally in the morning before transfer, which is what I was told to do.

    I don't think there's any harm in taking it as per normal...

  • Our instructions were to take it rectally but our transfer was a little later in the morning. If you'd rather take it vaginally it'll be better to do it after because they need a clear and clean entry for the transfer 😊 xx

  • I think you'd be ok doing it vaginally after transfer, so excited for you! Just a word of warning you may want to use panty liners as there can be a bit of mess when using them vaginally xxxx

  • Hey. I was most surprised when I was told where the tablets had to go!!

    I have stuck to the bottom route on advice from the hospital, apparently it gets absorbed better that way as doing them the front way, you can loose some of the medication as it's more messy that way and you get leaks.

    I asked about changing route after my ET but they weren't keen.

    I am now enjoying the massive farts I produce and call it pay back for all the times I had suffered my husbands smelly ass!!! It has given me a bit of the runs too but after being constipated for a while, it's a relief just to be able to poop.

    The things we have to do eh?? Xx

  • This really made me LOL! Haha I've decided to go front way, ad was so uncomfy back route, nurse said it's fine either way, hopefully I'm not loosing too much! Xx

  • Thanks lovely ladies!! I am back from transfer and have had 2 embies put back! EEEK!!! I had 3 left, one was blasto but not good enough quality to put back, the other two were at the stage before blasto so wasmy able to grade them yet, so we went for it and transferred them both! πŸ’œ They said it was fine to do the pessary after transfer xx

  • So exciting! Welcome to the crazy 2ww πŸ˜€ Wishing you the best of luck for a BFP at the end of it πŸ€πŸ€ xx

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