So confused

So confused

So I've been doing buserilin injections for 2 weeks today. Was supposed to go in for my day 0 scan on tues but had to cancel because my period hasn't arrived. It's still not arrived. Today I'm cycle day 37 (normally 28-30 day cycle) clinic advised I do a pregnancy test. Just done it this morning I am not sure how to read it. My heart has convinced me there is a line there but my brain knows this Late on it should be darker. What do you all think?

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  • Definitely call the clinic... you must be going out of your mind! :-/ x

  • I think you should call your clinic too. That test looks positive to me but I think those tests can be a bit hard to read sometimes. I have always liked the superdrug digital tests which give you a + or a -. Perhaps you could try one of them? Sending you all my best wishes xx

  • There's defo a second line x

  • Ok so just done another test it says 1-2 weeks pregnant. That can't be right I've been injecting for 2 weeks

  • I'd phone the clinic back for a blood test. I've heard it's very unlikely that you'll have a false positive. X

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