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no NHS funding for IVF!!

Hi, me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant for four years now, i was diagnosed with endometriosis and told i have 2 blocked tubes, so impossible for me to get pregnant. was living in wales at the time and was put forward for IVF, only my husband is in the army so we are now living in north yorkshire, signed up with a new doctor who referred me straight away only the referral letter has informed me that the NHS does not fund IVF in this region, talk about a slap in the face!! we dont have the money to go private and if we did its only one cycle not the 3 you would get on the NHS, we will obviously start trying to save but i feel so let down, is there any light at the end of this?? would appreciate any advice xxx

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It really is a postcode lottery now im afraid.

You are rarely entitled to 3 rounds anore. Im most cases just the1. The only thing i suggest you do is write to the pct asking for them to look at your individual situation and appeal the funding policy. Other than that it is a case of moving. I have been in a similar situation as in i only had 1 attempt but the town 20miles away get 2 rounds. It really is unfair but you will also find that even within the lucky postcode areas that provide nhs funded ivf there are very strict criteria to meet. Ask the questions to the pct.

Good luck.

Saz :)


How long is your posting for? Do you have any scope for waiting for a year or two? I know it's not ideal but if your age is not against you, it might be a possibility and in the meantime, research areas where you get free IVF and put in posting preferences for them? I really hope you manage to sort something out x


Hi. Have you tried appealing against this decision? Have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com and go to the “Home Page”. Scroll across to the “NHS Funding” section and click on it. Scroll right down to the bottom of a long page, where you will see template letters to send to your PCT (in pink). Fill it out the appeal one and send it off, along with one to your local MP too (letter there as well). To find PCT’s address, just click on the link above these letters, where you can find your MP’s details too. Best of luck! Diane


Thanks everybody for your advice, i will look more into it, thanks Diane for the website will def check it out,

Louiemac73 this posting is for 2years and we have only just moved, im 29 so age wise im ok for now, will look into other areas close by and find out where our next posting is, thank u for the advice xx


Hi Syren2012,

Sorry to hear this, but am In the same shoes as you, been trying for 4 years and then I was on the list in London before moving to Essex, on getting here, I was told I can't get treatment until I live here for a year, so I told the Gp to transfer me back, I was told to run some tests and when it got to the stage of trearment , they saw we lived in Essex and told us we can't get treatment in that borough. They told us they could help us but we,d pay , so at that stage we came back to Essex, waited for the Gp letter, saw the Gp and he recommended me to do some tests again.Did all the test , was waiting for referral letter for months. I decided to call last week only to be told there's no Ivf funding in Mid Essex except we go private..,

I felt depressed and frustrated.. Now we also need to save for our treatment cos going to another area might not help.


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