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Sorry for the random post again, but just wondered if people have tried or had any health benefits from drinking rasberry leaf or nettle teas? I'v moved from 3 coffee a day to one in a morning and drink ginger and lemon through the day now. However seen on the Internet that both these teas can help with your fertility although aware rasberry leaf shouldn't be drink at beginnings of pregnancy, so figure I'll just not drink it after I ovulate.

Or has anyone found any health benefits (mainly fertility) from other teas?

Thanks in advance for replys

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Hi. I took the raspberry leaf tablets for a year. They did nothing and the taste was disgusting.

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Ive been drinking nettle and hibiscus tea on the recommendation of my acupuncturist, supposed to help! Its not something that Id choose if im honest, Im just trying anything that might help, lol! When trying to cut down the caffeine I like the lemon & ginger and berry tea!xx

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I'm not sure what the benefits are, my main benefit is finding an alternative to caffeine. Loving rooiboos especially vanilla or spiced rooiboos and also peppermint tea.


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