Still crying 😭

Think the title says it all. I had ET Wednesday and haven't stopped crying since. I feel so bad and worried I am causing damage to my embryo. Also completely off food, the thought of eating makes me feel sick. I have depression and think the progesterone is exaggerating it a lot.

Feel like I have failed already and will never forgive myself if it doesn't work.

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  • 😘 The progesterone is awful! It made me feel worse than anyone of the other drugs. It hypes up pms symptoms to ridiculous levels so that's probably what is happening to you. You are not doing anything to harm embie. You are in fact doing everything you can to help embie - putting yourself through feeling like crap for the benefit of them. That's the hallmark of an excellent mother in my book. Keep going girl. You can do it. x

  • Am just so worried all my stress is doing damage. We all know we are told to relax, but it's impossible. Thank you for your kind words. I hate all this pressure xx

  • You have not failed at all, and the only person able to keep your embryo safe is yourself so you won't be causing any damage to your embryo it's being looked after in exactly the right place. The drugs combined with the wait can feel like the longest wait ever & can exascabate other conditions. You need to try & remain postive that it will work & food will fuel that little embryo so even if you eat just a small amount little & often it will help you massively & hopefully then get rid of the sicky feeling you have. We are all here to help keep you postive and on track ️xxx

  • I had diarrhoea the evening of my et and it sent me into a huge sobbing fit making me think I'd ruined our chances. I was really low for days and crying all the time. I got signed off work until otd due to feeling so upset. I barely had any symptoms except a few cramps and some sharp electric type pains so I thought it hadn't worked but I got my bfp Wednesday so please don't worry that any upset you are having will make it not work xx

  • Maybe try to pick up some counseling sessions if your clinic offers them x

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