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Just wondering if anyone knows if it's the progynova which will increase my lining in my injection cycle? 4 days in to buserelin injections and I just can't work out how my lining increases!

Clearly I'm probably over-thinking and worrying but lovely Button123 suggested someone here would probably know! x

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Now I can't say for sure, but I've googled the life out of progynova this week trying to work out why I'm on it. There seems to be two main reasons to prescribe it for IVF, firstly and most commonly to thicken your lining for FET, so yes, I'm as certain as I can be from google research that it'll be thickening your lining.

I'm pretty sure I'm in it because I'm old!! 😂 There seems to be a common oestrogen priming protocol in the US for those with low AMH and low response, my clinic also use it so pretty sure that's what I'm in now but will find out for sure next Monday.

When do you start taking it? Hope you don't get any of the nasty side effects, I seem to have got away pretty lightly so far. Hope you do too. X

emu2016 in reply to Hidden

You absolute beauty. Thank you so much. I start taking it on 26th, buserelin until then. Thank you!!!! No side effects on buserelin so far! This makes sense; since I'm not stimulating any eggs; it will help increase my lining. 2 tablets; three times a day xx

Tugsgirl in reply to emu2016

My lining is naturally on the thin side. I was on it 4x daily x

emu2016 in reply to Tugsgirl

I think I was confused I wasn't having an injection to sort it! x

Hey emu yep I'm on progynova for my FET cycle, it's to thicken your lining as the buserelin injections cancel out your body's natural production of oestrogen xxx

emu2016 in reply to Sprinkles86

Cheers! All makes sense now! Just seemed weird because was in tablet form x

Sprinkles86 in reply to emu2016

Haha yes I think we get so used to injecting ourselves that a tablet seems far too straightforward 😂 Xx

hi emu2016. I took progynova during my prev de ivf cycle. I was told it was for lining, endometrium growth to be exact. according to a protocol I had Progynova 2mg 1 tablet 3 times a day for a few days and then 1 tab. 4 times a day. It definitely worked. I started with 7mm and before ET it became 12. I think it's great. Don't think you need to worry. lots of luck xx

emu2016 in reply to Petricker

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! x

Yes the progynova does increase the lining of the womb, ready for your baby embryo to get comfortable in there. I was on it 3 to 4 times a day as we have egg donation fertislised with my hubbys sperm. So don't know much about the injections ect. Good luck on your journey xx

emu2016 in reply to Lizzy78

Thanks Lizzy. How is your journey? X

Lizzy78 in reply to emu2016

Our journey has ending I'm afraid. We have had many goes and nearly bankrupted ourselves. I never got past 10 weeks on most and one we lost much later which was the worst. We decided that all this emotional stress was not healthy and said enough is enough. I am very sad but it was just not ment to be. I am not bitter about it. I wish everyone the best on there journey to make a little mirical.

Please keep me updated as I am keen to hear xx 🤗

I would say yes. Progynova is oestrogen and I have gone through a couple of cycles where they adapt this depending on what my lining is doing etc. When the lining has been too thin then it was increased for my real cycle.

Im on progynova this cycle

my lining was good but my progesterones were low so my IVF doctor prescribed 2 packs of progynova 3x a day untill my FET

im not quiet sure if its for the lining or for a higher progesterone level ....

Im so afraid , i only got one 4 cell embro frozen not even an embryo

Hi, It think it does. well that's what my consultant told me. But I am not 100% sure. Good luck with your treatment x

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