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Pretty sure that it's over... again!

So I'm on 10dp3dt and I've started bleeding. I'm devastated. This is our second icsi treatment and I really thought we'd have a good chance this time. The only thing that is giving me some glimmer of hope is that I don't have any cramps (yet), but I feel they are soon on their way. It's too late for implantation bleed so must be AF, right?

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No not to late for implantation bleeding.. Go lie down and try to relax as much as you can and see if stops... I had bleeding 8 days after 5 day transfer and bright red like period, rested and by end of day stopped... I got BFP and at first scan all was OK and they could see where bleeding come from... The joys of a woman's body.... So not over yet... Fingers crossed for you, it's such a hard and stressful time I know xxx

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I gather some people do have bleeding so fingers crossed it stops for you! Thinking of you lots, I am on my 2ww too 10dp5dt and started bleeding on day 5 and sadly have had full AF. So I know how horrible it feels to start bleeding. But I did have cramps too. And from what I have read lots of people do get bleeding and still get a BFP! I will be thinking of you xx


Hoping for a positive outcome for you x


You must be going through a lot but try and stay positive! I have everything crossed for you xxx


Bleeding can be quite common so not necessarily over yet.fingers crossed for u Hun xxx


Hey lovely, my friend had he implantation bleed day 9 of a 3dt, so try and remain positive, as it's not over just yet. I'm keeping everything crossed for you for that BFP xxxx


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