3 embies

We had the call this morning to say that 3 out of our 7 eggs have fertilised πŸ€— I'm relieved that we have any in the running but sad that we lost more than half. Our clinic do transfers on day 2, 3 or 5 so we will be waiting anxiously by the phone tomorrow morning, hoping to hear that they are strong little embies.

Still feeling incredibly sore from collection yesterday but I had to have a urinary catheter put in mid-procedure because 10hrs without fluid and 5 wee's wasn't enough to stop my bladder from filling up πŸ˜– I also think the pessaries are causing trapped wind and/or constipation which is adding to the discomfort. Oh the joys of this rollercoaster ride!


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  • This is great news, 3 embies is amazing ☺️ good luck, let us know how transfer goes. Rest up and relax as much as you can before transfer x

  • Thanks beauty 😊

    I fully intend on sitting in the (sunny) garden with a good book, while my husband waits on me hand and foot πŸ˜‚

  • This sounds like the perfect way to relax ☺️ enjoy it. Maybe even get your husband to do the housework x

  • It's not nice but it's good news on your embies πŸ€ x

  • Thanks Tugsgirl xx

  • that's brilliant. 3 is the magic number. I got 3, 2 transferred and now pregnant! Best wishes for a good result xx

  • Thanks Louisear, that's so positive I love it 😍

    Will be keeping everything crossed you have a smooth pregnancy xx

  • Good luck :)

  • Thanks Aga xx

  • That's wonderful news... wishing you all the very best, will be following your journey too

  • Thank you Sanj, I hope all is still going well with your little one xx

  • Wow this a great number. Good luck - let us all know when you get the call!

  • Thanks Ch319, I'll be writing an update as soon as I hear, it's so nice to share with others that understand xx

  • Great to hear you have 3 potential embryos, fingers crossed that they all grow strong, sorry to hear your suffering but so far it's all been worth it with your 3 embryos. I'm sure it's a very anxious time for you so wishing you all the best for the next few days xxx

  • Thanks nmill, all 3 are still in the running this morning and I'm a lot less sore so positivity is the word of the day 😊

  • Good to hear that's really good news xxx

  • That's great news, it only takes 1 xxxx

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