3 blasts on board

Woohoo, ladies! sharing my latest news. We had our ET yesterday morning so I've now got 3 embies on board! We had 14 eggs collected from my egg donor, 12were fertilized and in 5 long days we've gotten 8 blasts, 5 of them are frosties now!!! The doctor said it was a quite easy transfer and all of us did well. So happy to have got this far from the very first try, now just need to get through the 2ww. I can't stop thinking about future pregnancy but I'm worried about getting my hopes up in case it doesn't work. but then I remember that I have 4 more attempts and it's a bit comfying, not much though.

I'm grateful to every sweet lady here who supported me when I had million questions and concerns. You kept me sane. Lots of love to all!

Maria xxx

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  • Three! Wowser! Enjoy the crazy 2ww club! x

  • Thank you Mrs.Emu!! I have a strong wish to have 2 babies..Congrats on your BFP in return, wonderful news after everything you've been through. How were you coping with 2ww apart from googling everything?

    PS. btw nice cushion lol

  • I'll find out if both my two embryos from donor egg ivf are there in a couple of weeks. I was blessed to be abroad for the first week of 2ww. then I spent it watching funny films and seeing friends and family! x

  • I see, lucky you. I guess we simply need to be surrounded by as much positive and funny things as we can. I've got a question, didn't you feel down and felt blue for no reason? like you wanted to watch drama instead of comedy or were you tearful just because of nothing? I kind of sad today although everything is great x

  • That is definitely the hormones! x

  • Super news. 3 on board - goodness me! good luck. x

  • Thank you MrsC!! Lots of luck and for your cycle x

  • Yup, welcome to the 2WW! Best of luck to you xx

  • Thank you CountryCat!! Praying for our embies successful implantation. My blood test is booked for 14th. I haven't yet decided whether to test at home before or not. I've seen a digital today and spent 10 min considering this purchase and finally decided not to buy. What do you think, will you have a home test? When is your otd? How are you going to make this waiting game less stressed? x

  • Thanks! Going a bit spare to be honest...but have promised myself to only test on the 12th June which is my official date. Have to have an HCG but struggling trying to find a private clinic to do it as my doctor's surgery won't...the search continues! I will do a HPT anyway on that date, just so I know. Am not feeling very hopeful I am afraid so am driving myself balmy symptom spotting 😡

    Wishing you loads of luck and a but more sanity than I have at the mo πŸ˜›


  • It's quite sensible but here I see that every othe lady here tests early and I'm afraid I will be the same. I'll go mental and will buy tests for every day ahah. So I'm not as sane as you are haha

    I didn't know it's not that easy to find a place to have hcg. Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to your updates especially that one on the 12th. hold on! xxx

  • Keep watching comedy shows xx

  • Thank you, I definitely need something funny now xx

  • Welcome to the 2ww club!! Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • thanks Button! Wish you the same ;-)

  • Best of luck my dear xxx

  • Thank you a million Cloud!

    I believe you worry for no reason, don't lose hope and keep thinking positive. Fingers crossed Sunday will be the best day for you xxx

  • Thank u xxx

  • Yeyyyy amazing news and a great number of eggs left over.

    Wishing you so much luck and a quick 2ww.

    Put your feet up and relax.

    When are you heading home?xx

  • Thank you L! All my thoughts are about the outcome of all this. Honestly, I'm impressed with number of embies we have. I'm glad that we have those frosties as a backup but hope we won't need it though. Trying to relax but can't spend much time doing nothing. Anyway I found that watching my favourite comedy films is pretty helpful. We are doing to leave tomorrow x

  • So pleased for you love. Keep me posted on how your doing. Will let you know how we get on tomorrow xx

  • Hi! How cool that is! I just can’t express in words.

    This is good when the doctors use blastocysts it increases your chances for positive result and also this is perfect when laws don’t forbid 3 embryos transfer. I guess you’ll find out you are pregnant soon. We wait for this news!

    Sometimes our previous bad experience depends on low proficiency of the specialists which treated us.

    And if your treating process is conducted by the top-ranked embryologist you’ll get your deserved gifts.

  • Thank you! Yes I was told that 5-day transfer is more efficiet in comparison to 3dt. of course if 5dt possible in a particular case. I'm glad I have 3 put back in, I believe it may give me more chances. I don't have any experience in fertility treatment though.

    Well, I'll find out in 12 days..and let you know. x

  • Hello… unfortunately, you didn’t let me know as far you had promised. Don’t want to imagine about your possible news but I want to find out good news from you and that you are alright.

    Am waiting and wanting you to have good luck!

    P.S. you had positive outcome and just forgot about posting. It could be so I hope

  • Unfortunately it's not...

  • Wow three, wishing you lots of luck πŸ€β­οΈπŸ€ xx

  • Thank you!!! x

  • Excellent news Girl! Please always give us the same cheerful updates like this one. i'll be waiting for your next post about HCG test positive result.

    It’s exciting! And I’m happy to know about this amazing number. 3 peas! What will you do when they all take root successfully?

    In any way that’s great!

  • Thank you! I hope my next news will be even better as well

    I rang to my clinic and told them when I would be there for hcg, hopefully I have no problems with this. I hope I won't have more than 2 embies inside actually. But if this happens well, I will have a special procedure to avoit triplets/quadruplets.

    Wish me luck! x

  • Great news and good luck xx

  • Thank you xx

  • This is amazing news welcome to the 2ww with many of us 😊 xx

  • Thank you!!

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