I have 1 follicle

Hey Everyone,

Just back from the scan and my right ovary has 1 follicle. I feel a little upset. I'm not sure if 1 follicle is good or bad. The nurse said 3 would have been ideal. I've taken clinic 50mg for 5 days and all the hormone injections. I thought I would have produced more. So does that mean if I hadn't taken the drugs there would have been no follicles?

The good news is my IUI treatment will go ahead and is schedule for 12 tomorrow.

I feel upset but excited. I need some hope. I'm hiding up the stairs about to cry. X

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  • I've not done iui but it's quality over quantity in this game and it only takes one x

  • It might be. This is my first cycle of IUI. Fingers crossed. Thank you x

  • sorry about that, I feel for you.

    you have to be happy you still have one follicle what if this is your lucky one

    be strong dear!!

  • Let's hope it is the lucky one x

  • TRUE!!!

    fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Hiya, 1 follicle is absolutely normal and fine.. bare in mind with IUI if you have any more than 2 viable follicles they won't treat you! (Potential for triplets) ive recently had 2 iui xx

  • Great to hear from you. Thanks. I just keep thinking the more the better. How have you found your cycles. The nurse had said the 1st is the worst. Does the 2nd get better? Xx

  • The more the better is what you need for IVF but for IUI what youve got is perfect :) in my opinion the 1st procedure is only worse because you dont no what to expect. The pain for me was no worse than period pain and it was all over very quickl. Feel free to message me if you want to chat :) xx

  • Thank you. ❀ xx

  • Hey honey plzzz dont be worried u have done great. All you need is that one follicle. You still have a grat chance so dont u dare give up now. I wish you very best for 2marow i hope everything will go well will be thinking of you. Xxx

  • Thank you. I'll keep you posted. Xx

  • Best of luck, I'll pray for you. Xx

  • Thank you. It went well. The IUI went ahead today. I have a scan on Monday x

  • I just had one follicle when I got my BFP.

    Fingers crossed for you! xx

  • That's really awesome. Xx

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