Drug side effects kicking in much??

Hello there fellow fertility pals.

Just wondering how everyone is coping with ye ole ivf side effects?

Having completed my first week of down regging relatively unscathed apart from some potential hot flushes (a not too unpleasant diversion for a usual freezer), and night sweats (let's face it, never pleasant or attractive, especially with the inclusion of slightly damp, Worzelesque hair), today af came to create what can only be described as a dazzling combination of af and menopause levels of, erm, interest.

I have had a grand total of 3 uncontrollable, weepy outbursts in the last few hours alone. The first happened quite spontaneously as I saw my dh off on his night shift and on his motorcycle for the first time this year.

My tears partially said "don't go and leave me to do the "just a little prick" routine with the burserlin alone, but also, and rather irrationally also said "don't die on your motorcycle and leave me forever!" So, he left me looking like a rather hysterical Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' which I took a little more time than is reasonable to pull myself out of... see, here comes the irrational...

The second bout of snot and saline came and attractively stop-started whilst watching a rather moving episode of 'The Voice' and the third more typically when reading a fertility article.

So, just wondering how my fellow IVFERS are bearing up and if we're all going to need shares in kleenex by the end of this decidedly soggy road?

Big luck and love to you all, wherever you are on this journey. May the magic happen soon xxx

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  • I had IVF last year and I have to say my emotions were all over the place. I would cry just randomly over anything. I felt so low at points too, but it's all part of the process so don't worry, you're allowed to be emotional and hopefully your other half is there to bring you tissues and give lots of hugs :) we are hoping to try ivf again soon so I'll have some tissues at the ready. Just remember you're doing an extremely wonderful thing, hard yes but wonderful :) I hope everything goes well for you, I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed. Good luck x

  • Hi Beauty, and thanks for your reply. It is an emotional old process isn't it? But worth every second for a shot at our dreams!

    This is actually my third ivf cycle but the first long protocol so first reaction to down regging.

    I'm actually not feeling too bad on the whole so can't complain.

    Aw, you're starting again soon. That's great news! When do you plan your net round?

    PS, I'm a 1983 so I suspect from your name that we're similar ages ;-).

    Good luck with your next cycle lovely. May this be our year! Xx 😊

  • We have an appointment in June to discuss whether to do ivf or icsi so hopefully there's not much of a waiting list after that. You are right we are similar ages :) it's such a difficult thing to go through and to have other family members getting pregnant and you're the one that can't. I'm glad I found this group and know that there's other women going through the same thing. It can be a lonely process sometimes.

    I really hope everything works out for you this time. I would love to know how you get on :) good luck x

  • Aw, good luck for June beauty, it'll be here before you know it. Once you get your foot in the door the wait seems to go by much quicker than the rest of the process.

    It is really difficult to watch those close to you... and sometimes even complete strangers having the gift of life bestowed upon them while we wait from the sidelines for our chance and yes, it sure is a lonely place. This forum is an amazing source of comfort though.

    We're determined women and I'm sure we will get to share our boundless love with a child one day, whichever way that may be.

    I'll look forward to watching your journey too. Loads of luck and love to you xx

  • I think u probably spoke for many of us here with how you are feeling & reacting to this whole experience!! Very well written & I definitely 'get it' xxxx

  • Thank you 72cloud9, how're you doing with it all? Xx

  • On the last leg really.45 now with one Frostie left to try.havent really been good on the health front leading up to it as not feeling too hopeful so I think the motivation to drink & eat right aren't there.dont know how to get myself in the zone this time x

  • Aw hun, this process really does batter us doesn't it, physically and emotionally. I got sick when I was supposed to have round 2 in Jan. Think it was my bodies way of saying take a break. I'd been putting myself in the "gotta be perfect" box for so long thst it just made matters worse.

    I've fully lightened up on myself this time, I eat generally healthy and exercise more, i continue accupuncture and counselling but tonight I bought a tub of Ben and Jerry's and also enjoyed a slice of my mama's cheese and potato pie without the old side of guilt.

    I think we need to give ourselves a break or we'll implode. There's already so much pressure and expectation on us that we need to sometimes say "stuff the pressure, bring on the self-care".

    If you can take some time out to really make yourself feel good then do it lovely. I'm sure your baby wants to be welcomed by you in all your wonder and glory, not the squeaky clean but stressed and frankly miserable shadows that i for one can become when trying too damn hard to reach unattainable perfection.

    So I think maybe the perfect zone is the one your wonderful body craves, I think we should tap into our instincts for a change instead of beating ourselves with the rigid text book that thus far has yielded, well, frankly sod all. If we can be generally healthy but mostly stress-free and actuallu feel some level of happiness through this I think we should go for it... Well my my, there's another slice of my efforts towards 'War and Peace', ill learn to shut up one day, honestly! Lol.πŸ˜‚

    Anyway, whatever method makes you feel best yoy go for it girl. This road is hard enough as it is. Loads of luck ans love to you and your beautiful frostie xx

  • Ah thanks for kind words Hun! I booked a reflexology appointment today-see if that gets me in the zone.dontcwantvto delay may as really feel I need to know now where my life is going.the longer I stretch things out the harder it gets.the reflexologist sounded lovely on the phone so hopefully she will be my shining light along with all of u guys xxx

  • I totally understand what you mean about wanting to know where your life is going so I don't blame you.

    Reflexology is supposed to be amazing isn't it! I think it's beneficial to have some sort of holistic therapy through this for body and mind. Let me know how it goes hun xx

  • Oh I hear ya, this actually made me laugh (sorry ;))! I've been crying at the drop of a hat - and also just 'low' in general. Also pretty tired, headaches, pronounced hear rate at night, and itching. And my skin has broken out on my face. It's sensitive anyway (I get Rosacea) but stress and hormones can make it worse- it looks horrible but I keep reminding myself it's for the greater good!! Keep going pookymama we can do this!! xx

  • Yes hun, I was kinda poking fun at our situation in the hope of drawing a few smiles cos we sure as hell need them!

    Aw, you sound like you've had the kitchen sink of symptoms thrown at you, you poor thing! Sending you lots of love and positive vibes. Hopefully your body will get used to the meds and the reaction will become less pronounced for you... don't know if that's possible but we can hope!

    I'm not actually too bad in the grand scheme of things.

    We can definitely do this huni, side by weepy, itchy, sweaty side. Tehe. Xx

  • Wow bless you, weirdly I found readingthis really sad but also really funny what a crazy mix of emotions lol. I start my ivf in may hopefully so I've got this to come, good luck with everything xx

  • Hi Tw1986, thanks for your response. It is a crazy roller coaster of emotions and each cycle seems to draw a different response. Massive luck to you for your cycle in May. Exciting times ahead! I so hope it all works out for you. 😊. If you don't mind me asking, what brought you to the IVF pathway? Xx

  • Hi thank you and me and dh have been trying for nearly 4 years with no luck so had tests and things for the past year which were all ok but found via an internal scan that my egg count was low, I had a laparoscopy which found two blocked tubes and stage 2 endo so went from there lol xx

  • We've been trying for around the same length of time.

    In secondary care nearly 2 years ago they found 1 blocked tube but all other tests were read as "normal" back then. It wasn't until we got to the fertility clinic last summer that like you, we discovered low ovarian reserve was the main factor.

    If I'd had that simple diagnostic blood test 4 years ago we would have paid private for ivf then. It's a long old process isn't it hun! Xx

  • Hi Pookymama, I hope you don't mind but this did make me chuckle. I finished my 1st (albeit unsuccessful) round of ivf last week and tbh the memories of the drug side effects have pretty much been forgotten...until when you said about all the tears! I remember bursting into tears in a gelato shop because I couldn't decide what to order...it wasn't cute girly tears either...just some lovely snot inducing sobs lol! Not sure I can really offer too much help as I wasn't so successful at overcoming the side effects myself....all I can say is after treatment ends, they all become a long distant memory very quickly! Until then it's the kleenex at the ready I'm afraid! xxx

  • Hahaha, thank you for making me laugh Oakley, I love the Gelato shop story, it sure resonates with this snot bag over here! And my post was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek and to make people chuckle so you're all good.

    I'm sorry that your first cycle was unsuccessful. It must have been so hard for you after all you went through. How're you feeling about it now? Do you plan to have another round?

    I Hope that whichever route you take that it brings you all you wish for. Xx

  • Hiya,

    It was only our 1st go so I'm actually ok about it. I always told myself 1st goes are more about diagnostics and getting to know the treatment so we and the clinic have taken a lot from it which we can use next time πŸ˜€. We're actually starting our frozen cycle next af so not long to go til I'm back to it...and honestly I can't wait!!

    Not sure how positive I'll feel if this next one doesn't work though as it'll be our last nhs funded bit πŸ™ˆ...

    We got plans though in terms of how we'll finance it...hello interest free credit card lol! xxx

  • That's a really good attitude you have there which I'm sure will carry you through.

    This is our last NHS cycle too so I'm praying it works as it would be a while before we could fund another one... like your funding plan though, I'll keep that in mind. 😊

    Not long til you start again then! Which protocol will you be on? Best of luck with it xx

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