Starting norethisterone on the 13th April can I still try and conceive naturally?

Hi ladies just looking for some advice as I'm due to start taking norethisterone on the 13th April for 14 days up until my next period, when I have my next period I will have a scan and start the ivf meds. The nurse has said I now need to have protected sex but I'm thinking if I'm only taking norethisterone this next month then what is the harm in still trying up until my next period. Has anyone got any advise on this and is it really dangerous for us to still try? As far as i know norethisterone is to help regulate my period so I can't really understand what the harm is to keep trying this month but obviously I'm no doctor so wanted to see if anyone could help on this xxx

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  • Hi, I was told the same. I was on Norethisterone for 9 days before my IVF treatment and couldn't have unprotected sex. Not sure why though but I thought I better do as the nurse said! Good luck with your treatment xx

  • Hi, i went through the same thought process and was told that when you stop taking northisterone you have a withdrawal bleed and there is an increased risk of miscarriage if you were pregnant at the time x

  • Hi saraD thanks so much for the explanation this makes a lot of sense I will be following doctors orders then xxx

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