Horrendous Period Pain in the 2 Week Wait

I am just wondering if anyone else has felt this during their IVF 2 week wait. I am on day 8 after a 3 day transfer and test date is another 5 days. I have been awake all night the last 2 night with severe period pains. I always suffer with my periods so I know the pain , it's just at a whole new level. I think I have a touch of insomnia too. The Pregnancy Test is negative this morning . It's my 3rd round and I didn't experience this pain the last time. I am just waiting for the flow to come really! πŸ˜ͺ

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  • Hi I had the exact same thing, about 4 days after transfer I had awful pelvic pain and cramping, was sure my period was on its way. Did the test and it was positive! I continued to have horrible pain for the next week and was so scared that something was wrong but I'm now 7 Weeks and the pain has only just started to ease. You have 5 days left so don't give up hope yet and take a couple of paracetamol if you need them. Good luck xx

  • Thanks Debs. I rang the clinic this morning and they said take parecetomol for the pain , plenty water and to ring them if my symtoms get worse . I feel a bit better after taking the Parectomol . They told me to test on Friday now. You have given me hope! This is some lonely journey to be on! Best of luck to you hon x

  • I was certain my period was coming the night before i tested early so i just wanted to put myself out of of my misery at 10 days past a 5 day transfer came up positive, my test day isn't until tomorrow! Ive done 7 tests up to now lol all positive and appearing faster and stronger each time 😊 and still had cramping on n off just drink fluids and have a few 5 mins sit downs when you feel a bit funny rooting for you hugs and baby dust xxx

  • I had horrendous pains aswell around the same time I thought it was all over .... But I didn't test early and on sat I got a positive result so try not to think about it too much and wait till test day xx

  • I also had extremely bad endo/period pains during my 2WW which made me fear the worst, but I got a positive at the end of it all. Stay strong x

  • Unfortunately my period has come , it came last night at only 8dp3dt. And still bleeding this morning , tested anyway but negative . I am numb that it came so early . Heartbroken . Thanks for the comments girls xx

  • Sorry to hear that, same happened to me it's heartbreaking. Sending love and hugs xx

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