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Any advise on where to buy ivf meds to save money in London

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Hi I live in central London and I'm at the start of starting an ivf cycle with a private clinic and I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a pharmacy to buy the meds from. I'm hoping to save some money rather than buying through the clinic where I assume there is a high mark up the cost. Any advise would be much appreciated xx

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I was told that Asda pharmacy are amongst the cheapest for most meds - non profit. But my friend found that they weren’t cheap for menopur and that her clinics price was cheaper.

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That's good to know thanks fredaflintstone xx

Hey, asda seem to sell medication for IVF. I've sent you a link


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So happy to read that a company doesn't want to profit from fertility treatment good on asda xx

Hiya I phoned asda and boots to compare prices with my clinic. Asda was the cheapest x

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Thanks looks like asda is the place to go too xx

I get mine from Asda. Although the bits they can’t get I get them from my clinic. Also, you don’t have to get everything from one place

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Thanks for the advice xx

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The cheapest company I found was Biodose. Email them with your prescription for a quote & they will let you know what to do. Loads cheaper than Asda I found & fantastic service. You pay a delivery charge but it still worked out cheaper than anywhere I got a quote from!

They are also happy to dispense European prescriptions which is what I had both times.

Good luck xx

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Thank you star1976 that's really good to know xx

Hi, I would say don’t go into independent pharmacies they have a high mark-up, compare prices from a few pharmacies and your clinic and then you can see which one is cheaper, good luck 😉 x

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