Sorry ladies - pessary question

We had the call this morning that of the 15 eggs collected 8 have fertilised. So will await call on fri for possible day 3 transfer or otherwise Sunday.

Feels like a milestone so me and DH celebrated by going out for breakfast. Am trying to up my protein intake so it was eggs for me!!

Quick question on these lovely pessaries - how long do they need to be in before it's ok to go to the loo? I'd put one in at 2pm and just gone to the loo (2.5hours later) and it seems half of it has come out on the paper (sorry TMI).

Thank you!

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  • Hello, I have heard that progesterone is absorbed in about 20mins so it's probably the outer coating that has come out. Xx

  • Oh and congratulations on your embryos, sounds like a really good number. Fingers crossed! Xx

  • Ok thank you, it just looked like it was all the inside stuff but I guess difficult to tell!!

  • I think it's about 10/20 minutes. It's the coating that leaks x

  • Nurse Diane let me know that it absorbs within 20 minutes. The leakage is because the pessaries is made with vegetable fat and that's what leaves the mess and feels like you've lost most of the pessarie but you haven't 😊 xxx

  • Great thank you. Makes me feel better. Was thinking I had to hold it in for 3 hours haha!!! Xx

  • Congratulations on your brilliant news this morning - feels great doesn't it!

    I can only repeat what the other ladies have said but thank you for asking the question as in all honesty I hadn't even thought about not going for a wee after putting it in. Will wait at least 20 minutes before going if I need to. I'm not looking forward to having to insert one at work tomorrow - both of today's ones I've laid down for a good chunk of time afterwards as I'm at home resting but back at work tomorrow so will be putting it in and then going back to sitting at my desk - hope it doesn't fall out ha ha

  • Yes I'm not looking forward to doing them at work that's for sure! Hope going back to work is ok and not too busy x

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