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IVF, first time, issue with Hubbies sperm


Just after some advice really!

I am 26 and we have just been informed that we will be moving forward with IVF in the next few weeks. All tests have come back that I am fine, the issue is with the Hubbie having a low sperm count due to an operation he had as a boy.

I am just wondering if anybody else has been in a similar situation and how successful IVF was for you?

Thank you for your help 😊

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Have they mentioned having icsi?

We've been trying for years, I'm 36, I've got endometriosis, a low AMH for my age and hubby has a lower than normal count.

We had icsi for our first round and ended up with a blastocyst being frozen and one being transferred.

It worked and we got a positive pregnancy test, but sadly it ended up in a missed miscarriage at just gone 10 weeks.

We are just starting our second round and everything will be staying the same :-)



ICSI is usually recommended when there are sperm issues. We've had 2 rounds, unfortunately unsuccessful but we're in our 40s so that doesn't help. Hopefully it'll work for you and your hubby.

Good luck.


I'm 25 my husband has sperm issues but there's no reason for them. We had one failed icsi and are now trying again but his sperm has deteriorated since jan so chances are we will be having to use donor sperm.

Hopefully you won't need it to go that far and your treatment will be successful xx


Hi, I am 37 and all reports OK for me. I had ICSI for the issue diagnosed for hubby is pretty complexed, he didn't ejaculated ever, and doctors got no evidence for any tube obstruction or internal scans were OK. May be hormonal imbalance but we were referred for sperm retrieval process and ICSI. Luckily they were able to save sperms from the minor testacular surgery. Then my erg collection, they retrieved 12 eggs, and 9 fertilised. In 5day embryo transfer they put back in one, and 4 embryos could be frozen. I lost that first embryo, and then one FET.

Starting nasal spray for second FET in next week. Very disheartened, and I know nothing what would come next as all would feel who go through this process.


Hi im 31 hubby 37 and we have been trying for 3 years. Had 3 goes of iui last year which failed and started in March ivf. We had icsi and had 11 eggs fertilised but the next day only had 1 left which was of good quality thankfully and it took!! Im now 13 weeks pregnant on tuesday 7 july which is when i have my scan. So worried just hoping all will be ok then i can relax as i dont quite believe it. Best of luck with yours


Congratulations 😊

Hope that all goes well for you on Tuesday!!

I am just waiting on my next appointment now and waiting for the roller coaster to begin I guess!x


My partner had torsion of the testicles and had to have key hole surgery as a child.

We are awaiting test results now...but am also wondering if this op may have affected his fertility



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